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TV shows are becoming great these days. Technology is advancing, so it is easier and cheaper to do better effects. This leads the past for live action superhero TV shows. Who wants to wait three years for the next Avengers episode to come out when you can watch and episode of The Flash and only have to wait a week. Speaking of The Flash, DC has made a great TV universe that is not connected to the movies. We have Arrow and The Flash, with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow around the corner. We have Green Arrow, Flash, Black Canary, A.T.O.M., Supergirl, Red Tornado, and so many awesome superheroes!

Marvel connects their universe, which is loosely connected especially since Feige now reports to a new section of Disney than TV. We have Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, and our Netflix shows: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. Superhero shows are becoming more and more successful, better visually with CGI and even practical effects, and more beloved. As both Marvel and DC's superhero shows will do excellent, there's something missing.

Where is the X-Men TV Series?

X-Men is a series with unlimited characters and possibilities?! X-Men is perfect for TV and you would be able to spin off to other shows like X-Force and shows like that. One of the biggest questions is if this happened, would it connect to the movies? My personal opinion is no, but it could always connect. We would be able to focus on all the characters and not give them two minutes of scream time. Fox is not blind, they are aware that they want and it's a great idea to make X-Men a TV show. They would already have made one if they could.

X-Men CAN'T Make a TV Series?

Correct. X-Men does not own the rights to X-Men on TV. Marvel actually owns the rights, but they technically make one either. Fox has been negotiating with Marvel recently, for a while now. At the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, Fox, network co-chairman Dana Walden said:

“We’re in negotiations with Marvel, We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to announce something soon. It’s something we’re definitely pursuing.”

It sounds like Marvel does not want Fox to make an X-Men TV series. Can you blame them? They are separating Fox from Marvel, as they recently stopped printing issues for X-Men. They also have stopped printing Fantastic Four issues, even though they were never very popular. We will see some characters, like the Thing is appearing in the new Guardians of the Galaxy series, but no X-Men or Fantastic 4 titles. Marvel and Fox have never had the best relationship, this is why it is going to be difficult for Fox to figure this out.

Why does Fox want to make a TV show?

Like I said, there are endless opportunities. We could either connect it or disconnect it with the movies we already said, but I'll go with what I said and say they will keep it separate. Fox already has Gotham, so I don't see why an X-Men TV show couldn't be on Fox. They could go even farther and put a show on Netflix. I love Netflix shows: they are high quality and if they wanted a high budget, because they are mutants, they could definitely benefit from putting their show on Netflix. They could also do both?! Marvel has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC along with Agent Carter and then on Netflix, we have the Defender characters. A perfect show Fox could put on Netflix is the Fantastic 4. They obviously aren't making good movies, so test it with a Netflix show. Even better, they could use it in, the trade.

What's the Trade?

There is no trade unless Marvel and Fox both benefit. If Marvel gives the rights to Fox for a X-Men TV show, Marvel will want something in return. Marvel makes bank off everything, so they don't want another $100 million, they want properties. It's like the game Monopoly. Marvel has their properties like the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and most importantly for the trade is the X-Men TV property. Marvel is not really using it, as Fox is failing to use one of theirs: The Fantastic 4. This will include the Fantastic 4, Silver Surfer, and Galactus, and all the other heroes, villains, and characters, leaving Fox with X-Men and Deadpool, which is turning out great. Fox doesn't want to give Marvel Fantastic 4 back, but they want the rights for an X-Men TV show more because that will make them more movies than the possible crappy movies they could produce and barely and in the latest case, not make a profit.


Is this a fair trade?

Let me know what YOU guys think below!


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