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YouTube channel Digital Zombie Studios seems to have taken Dragon Ball Super, an anime that has been on air since July 5th, 2015, and made an English fan dub for our entertainment. And they seem to be doing quite well in making Dragon Ball Super seem just like the originals. The Dragon Ball series has drawn in anime lovers from all over the world since February 26th, 1986 when the first series, Dragon Ball came on air.

Digital Zombie Studios started as just an idea for game design and all out fun for the people that work there, but after about a year of prepping and practicing their techniques and skill, the small little company has seemed to creep into the hearts of fans of the Dragon Ball series. There seems to be little known about its workers or how they even came to making the fan dubs, though.

From what has been seen so far, the company mainly focuses on the DBZ enterprise, but one of the co-founders, Michael Huntington, states:

"As of right now there is only three of us and only two are editors. We ask for voice actors online and it seems a lot of people like what we put up. Will we keep doing the Dragon Ball Super videos? Only if the real Dragon Ball Super season doesn't catch up to us in English. Will we do other types of anime? I sure hope so! I also want to see where we can go with a short film or two, but that will have to be decided later."

With that we can only hope that more ideas come from this small company. If you would like to check out there YouTube channel here it is

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