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About a year ago, I told myself I wanted to get into gaming. I didn't do very well...I went through a dozen games, slowly finding out I have awful hand-eye coordination, and the stories never gripped me. So naturally, I looked into horror games.

Enter Outlast (released February 4, 2014), the most horrifying game (and one of the only games) I've ever played. It's the story of Miles Upshur, a journalist contacted to expose the secrets within Mount Massive Asylum. Taken over by the Murkoff Corporation, the testing of scientific experiments on their patients begins, turning them into something inhuman, and giving them the power to overthrow the staff.

Miles enters the asylum with nothing but a video camera, his only source of light and his only means of collecting proof of what's going on inside. That means that he can't fight back if something comes after him. Good for me, because I can't remember where buttons on the controllers are, but also terrifying, because you have to wait out the threat that's trying to literally rip your head off of your body.

Chris Walker, a patient of Mount Massive
Chris Walker, a patient of Mount Massive

Don't believe how horrifying this game is? Check out the trailer:

If you've played Outlast, you're probably dying for more. A DLC, Whistleblower, was released May of 2014, but it was much shorter than the original game and I hardly got to salivate over the beautiful graphics and creepy characters. Though it tells the story of what happened prior to Miles' arrival at the asylum, I wish I could have played forever!

BUT, never fear, Outlast 2 is on its way! Bloody Disgusting got official confirmation that it's already in the works.

I'm excited too!!
I'm excited too!!

Although a release date has not been confirmed, Red Barrels has been vocal on their Facebook page about progress being made. Most recently, they asked what we'd like to see in the sequel to the game!

via Outlast Facebook page
via Outlast Facebook page

I know I'm most excited for smarter enemies! I can't wait for the official release date. For all of my horror fans out there looking for something new, Outlast is the stuff nightmares are made of. If you're even kind of into gaming, give this one a shot! I can't wait.


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