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That's right! None other than the one and only Ruby Rose has joined [Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter](tag:671270). Ruby is the perfect addition to the babe filled, gun slinging Resident Evil franchise.

You can call me Abigail
You can call me Abigail

Ruby will be joining the movie as a character named Abigail who is new to the movie franchise and doesn't seem to be anyone that we have seen in the games. Without any real details on her character I am sure we can still guess one thing will be for certain...Abigail is probably a major bad ass.

Other actors that will appear in the movie include Iain Glen who will be returning as the o-so-evil Dr. Isaacs, Shawn Roberts as the main man himself Albert Wesker, Ali Larter as the tough and lovely Claire Redfield, Rola as a character named Colbalt, Fraser James as a character named Michael and Eoin Macken as Doc.

As super exciting as it is to learn about the new cast members, we are still missing confirmation on some key players! We need to hear about Sienna Guillory returning as Jill and Wentworth Miller returning as Chris Redfield. It is heavily rumored that they will be reprising their roles, but its about time that we get some confirmation. The suspense is killing me! It wouldn't be a tragedy if Wentworth couldn't return, but the movie would seriously suffer if we were missing Sienna as Jill. After the events of the previous movie there is no feasible way that she can or should be left out.


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