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I can officially never sleep over at my grandparents house again. You think I'm joking, but I'm dead serious. Seeing a grandma basically walk/crawl around possessed at night really scared the crap outta me.

I'm getting ahead of myself. The Visit is written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It follows the story of these two kids that decide to go to the middle of nowhere and stay with their grandparents whom they have never met. As their stay progresses, they discover that their grandparents are some interesting characters. Now personally, I've only seen one of Shyamalan's movies. Why? Well, it was The Last Airbender...and that was really, really, really, REALLY bad. I also must admit that I wasn't expecting much from The Visit. Now is it an instant classic ? Nope. However, it was a helluva good time.

Chiefly, The Visit boils down to a found footage horror movie that looks way too cinematic considering it's found footage. Considering they address this in the movie, I'll let it slide. But is this movie scary? Psychologically, no. Visually, very. The way this film is shot and lit does an outstanding job of giving you this feeling that there's an ax about to drop. The horror-esque things I saw on screen made me actually afraid to sleep over at my grandparents' any time soon. And yes, the movie has jump scares, but they are actually done with style. There isn't some ear-piercing noise when a scare happens, there aren't very many false jump scares, and the jump scares are ACTUALLY SCARY!

Surprisingly, this movie is also really funny. Remember those kids in Jurassic World? They need to take notes from the boy in this movie because that child knows just what to say, exactly when to say it, and exactly how to phrase/do it. This actor (Ed Oxenbould) has a solid future ahead of him. Heck everyone in this movie does a great job.

As for issues for the movie, their aren't really that many, but they are present often enough to where they weigh the movie down. For one, there is the tonal shifts from comedy to horror which happen on a dime consistently. What I mean is one minute you are laughing at the boy mimicking his insane grandma and they next you are screaming louder than the person you went with at a jump scare. (What? No I didn't do that! how could you possibly assume something like that?) Another issue was the pacing felt pretty sluggish at times and the girl, even though I was cheering for her at the end, annoyed the living crap out of me with the way she filmed this whole thing and how she is saying things like "No, stand over there for a more dramatic effect."

Guys overall, I had a lot of fun with this movie. It's well acted, well shot, has a very good setting/horror aspect to it, and even has some great comedy. If the girl had toned down her filmography dream and the pacing didn't go as slow as it did at times, this would've been on my top 10 best of the year. It's definitely in the top most surprising!


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