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Matthew Doherty

We have already seen the true possessor of the Soul Gem. I am referring, of course, to Adam Warlock, the genetically engineered creation of the scientists at the Beehive research institute on Earth (see Fantastic Four #66, from 1967). Now I know that the great minds at Marvel are always looking for the best, most exciting ways to retell their stories, but like I said, we’ve already seen Warlock. Twice, in fact!

It’s an easter egg that’s gotten a lot of attention. Remember the cocoon in The Collector’s ‘exhibit hall?’ The first sighting was in the after credits from Thor, The Dark World and then we saw it again in Guardians of the Galaxy. I think that’s a pretty strong indication that we’re going to see the Cosmic Avenger show up some time before Avengers 3.

So how did Warlock acquire this thing? The Gem was given to him by the High Evolutionary in Marvel Premier #1, 1972, although he didn’t learn much about its nature until he inadvertently stole the soul of Captain Autolycus, an officer in the army of the Universal Church of Truth. (see Strange Tales #179, 1975.} In that story line he actually teamed up with Thanos to defeat The Magus, the founder of the UCT and one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. Interestingly, the Magus was also Warlock’s future self.

Now where, you ask, might our golden warrior mystic first appear? Personally, I’d like to see him in his own movie and the Magus/Thanos story line is the best vehicle for that. If not? Well, if they are planning to bring Warlock into Avengers 3 and 4, I believe GotG 2 is the best place to introduce him.

He’s spent most of his short life wandering the stars so it’s a natural fit with Starlord’s team, In fact, Gamora played a big part in the battle against the Magus. Dr. Strange is also a possibility but Thor, Ragnarok is more likely in my book. (Warlock actually has a history with Thor.) If Mr. Feige and company decide not to bring him in until Avengers 4 then Captain Marvel is the obvious choice. (History again! Adam fought alongside the first Captain Mar-Vell, the Kree warrior against Thanos before the Infinity Gauntlet was created.)

So there’s my theory. Anyone else care to weigh in?


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