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I love Captain America, Thor and pretty much everything MARVEL related
Matt B

Hi everyone. I am not doing a prediction post like most already made since the teams have already been confirmed. I have predictions in deaths, fights and the post credits scene. Here we go!

1. I believe Cap will die before Infinity War. But I do believe that Bucky will take his place. Cap will be killed the same way he does in the comics and Crossbones will be at the trigger doing it. Sorry Chris Evans, but it has to end eventually.

Ah, Spider-Man. It is so satisfying knowing he is apart of the MCU. I think he will eventually turn to Iron Man's side in this. I also believe he will fight Captain America. He also will be given the Iron Spider suit as an Easter egg by Stark. I want it to be blueprints or something like that.

Falcon. He will die. I know, people will say that he could take over for Cap. He will due during the climatic battle and will be killed by a fight with Black widow and Vision.

Black Panther is a wild card in this movie, even though he is on Iron Man's side. I think he will be a double agent and just report for Cap. I also think he will fight Iron Man and Hawkeye.

That's it. Hope you all enjoyed. Comment on what you think will happen.


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