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Hey fellow Walker fans I’m back after a little hiatus but I haven’t missed anything and I’m here in case you have. This is a review of the episode that aired tonight September 20th titled “Not Fade Away”. It was a good one folks. I hope you saw it. As always, I abhor spoilers so I’ll do my best to keep the reveals to a minimum.

So…ICYMI we’re in Los Angeles and the outbreak is in full swing. The first two episodes were, as predicted, the ramp up on this undead rollercoaster, with the third, we took the first screaming plummet into a new world. Travis and his version of the Brady Bunch...

Here's a story...of a guy named Travis...
Here's a story...of a guy named Travis...

...have reunited back at Casa de Dysfunctional complete with some new faces. When last we left some real sh!t went down that redefined the rules for everyone but there was a light at the end of the tunnel…or is it a freight train coming their way? (A little Metallica reference for my metal fiends)

“Not Fade Away” shows our friends basking in that light for much of the episode. It seems that some degree of normalcy has been reinstated with the arrival of the authorities in green. With that, everyone has reverted back to their pre-apocalyptic selves. In the face of perceived safety Travis’ ears have stopped swiveling and his instincts have been shelved. Maddie has lost the edge she found in “So Close Yet So Far” and gone back to obsessive attempts at control, obtuse denial and busywork. Nick having completed his quest of uncovering the truth of what he saw in “Pilot” has gone back to being a shiftless junkie. Liza doesn’t have time to worry about anything other than the members of her community that need her medical expertise. The only members of this brood to remain in the now" are Alicia who cannot ignore the world falling apart around her, Daniel Salazar an older and wiser man from El Salvador who understands what happens to a civilization once survival is no longer a forgone conclusion, and Chris who views their situation with a cynical disconnect that allows him to pierce the veil of their situation and see the dichotomy of the walls around them. Yes they protect, but they also imprison.

It’s Chris who kicks things off. Seeing something that should not be, signs that things are not as they have been reported. His discovery is dismissed by some but stirs others out of the Matrix-like daze in which they find themselves. Seeds of doubt get planted, answers are sought, not requested and things are learned. Among the community the effects of the new order begin to take their toll and an ominous paradigm is hinted at.

The search for truth has a ripple effect. As those ripples spread they cycle back to El Casa de Dysfunctional and the effects are illuminating and divisive. In the end everyone’s perceptions are altered. The veil is lifted and it cannot be denied that there is still something very wrong with the world…and the people in it.

This episode gets 7/10 as it’s a slower trip providing a good deal of exposition, though that’s to design. Two more episodes to go cats and kittens. Two more and it’ll be 2016 before we know what’s next. The rollercoaster has gone down its initial plummet and we’re back on the rise although, this time, I have a feeling the drop is going to be much worse.

Come out to the coast, we'll get together, run for our lives!
Come out to the coast, we'll get together, run for our lives!

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