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Big horror movie fan
Ashton Anders
... full of action. This movie needs to contain the most elaborate chase scenes. It should be on a grand scale and longer than the average movie, perhaps broken into 2 parts. This movie needs an all star cast with a lot of characters. The setting should take place in a big city somewhere like New York involving the use of sky scrapers, helicopters, trains/subways, and ferries. Again, elaborate chase scenes with bombs exploding, jumping through air, high speed chase scenes, use of tall buildings with elevators, ect.. Instead of just one or two killers being involved like the past films, why not try having a small group of killers? Or some type of "Ghost Face" gang. They may be working for a king pin like Jill Roberts or someone else from Sydney's past who has a hatred for her. This small sadistic group of killers may be extremely tech-savy. The character Kirby from Scream 4 may also return along with Gale Weathers and Dewey too. Neve Campbell must return and revive her role as Sydney Prescott. She will need to make some sort of leap of faith in this film and she deserves to triumph for once and for all..

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