ByHunter Jon Lippert, writer at

We now know that Kylo Ren earned his surname by joining an order called the Knights of Ren(that's probably why his lightsaber looks like a sword), but the most important question know is who started this order? My thought is Darth Maul. We know from the clone wars that he managed to survive his ordeal with Obi-Wan, and was later taken captive by Darth Sidious. It is then speculated he was used to create the first Sith Inquisitors seen in the Force Unleashed franchise(which remain canon because of the appearance of inquisitors in Rebels). Another potential option for this orders creator is Asajj Ventress. This fearsome assassin would have been even more well suited to be the creator of the Inquisitors, seeing as she was much more skilled in that line of work. After she became a bounty hunter we never learn how her story ends, leaving her as another candidate for the creation of this order.


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