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As superhero fans, we've all been there at one point. '(insert superhero) would definitely defeat (insert superhero) in a one-on-one fight because (insert logical argument)'! More often than not, these statements include a Marvel superhero fighting a DC superhero, and the battle rages on. Usually, these debates are fairly logical, with both sides presenting the best aspects of their superhero and pointing out their opponent's worst aspects. I respect those debates, petty though they sometimes may be, but with increasing frequency I'm seeing more debates like this one: 'Batman would definitely defeat (insert insanely powerful superhero/superhero team) on his own because (insert Batman fanboy logic)'! Boy, does that rub me the wrong way! Before I get too far into this, let me just say that Batman is my favorite DC superhero by far. DC in general just has so many over-powered superheros, so the fact that Batman is able to stand up both with and against them is amazing! But now let me make something very clear to you: Batman is overrated. Yes, you read that correctly, and let me repeat it slowly for you: Batman. Is. Overrated. Here's how this is going to go: I am going to list the usual evidence Batman fanboys use to support their argument that Batman can beat anybody, and then I am going to prove it wrong or otherwise invalidate it. And then, inevitably, some butt-hurt Batman fanboys are going to rage against me in the comments section. So be it.

Ready? Okay, let's do this.

1. Prep Time

Haha, oh, good old sun.
Haha, oh, good old sun.

Ah yes, Batman prep time. So the saying goes, 'Batman can beat anyone with enough prep time'. Its actually kinda laughable sometimes. There are many opponents Batman can beat with enough prep-time, I mean, his plans did succeed in taking down the Justice League (albeit temporarily) in the Tower of Babel. There are two things that the Batman fanboys fail to recognize when it comes to this topic:

  • Batman can't always have prep time due to surprise attacks, unknown enemies, or simply a lack of time
  • There are some beings that simply cannot be defeated, regardless of powers, strength, weapons/gadgets, and prep time

Generally, prep time is one of the fanboy's more logical arguments, and it really does make sense. For example, to beat superman, all you need is Kryptonite, and a way to get close enough to Superman for the Kryptonite to affect him. After that, a few well-placed punches would do the job. Yes, I know, I really rushed that explanation, but you get the gist of it.

2. He's got a gadget for that


I understand this one, up to a point. The Batarang, the Batmobile, the Batcave, etc, etc, its all good. But what really bothers me are the Batsprays. Ugh. I get it, Batman is really smart, he can create a lot of gadgets for a lot of different situations which kinda links to the prep time argument. But there are some things a gadget can't solve, sorry. Darkseid seems pretty immune to some spray, right? Fanboys, seriously, Batman can create a lot of gadgets and sprays and stuff, but please don't use it as a cop-out. If you use this argument, please back it up strongly with real evidence.

3. Because he's Batman


Gosh darnit, I really hate this reason. Its not just a simple dislike, like I have for the previous two reasons, this is a full fledged, jumping up and down and yelling bloody hell at the top of my lungs hate. Wow, it really felt good to get that out of my system, sorry about that! Anywho, here's why its a bad reason: there is absolutely no backing behind it. Yeah, I get it, he's Batman, so what? You don't see me, an avid Captain America fan, saying that Cap's gonna win every fight he gets into 'Because he's Captain America'. That's pure stupid logic. Stop it.

In the end, I realize that this last argument is a troll's tactic to get people like me fired up. And yes, it gets to me, as you can see. So please, if you are a Batman fan of any type, DO NOT USE THIS ARGUMENT!!!!! If you use this argument in any serious, non-joking capacity, then you are not a true fan of Batman.

In the end what I am trying to get at with this article/rant is that you need to respect the Batman character for who and what he is. To make him seem more than a human just past the peak of human physical and mental perfection is to desecrate him and take away what makes him so special in the first place, the fact that he is a man who stands and fights among myths, legends, and gods.

So, what do you think?

Is Batman overrated? Are you sick of the fanboys, too? What other ridiculous Batman fanboy arguments have you heard of? Sound off (respectfully) in the comments section! Thanks!

(p.s. Batman has my vote in BvS)


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