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A mysterious figure searches for The Doctor, Missy needs Clara’s help, and The Doctor hides in shame.

Bows and arrows, planes, and lasers battle across a barren field as soldiers fight, though in a war that’s been waged for 1,000 years, none remember what they’re fighting for. In the midst of the chaos, a young boy finds himself surrounded by hand mines, gruesome hands with eyes in the palm that reach up from the earth and pull you under it. His only salvation, a traveler, just passing by. The Doctor gives the boy hope of surviving, keeping his spirits up, asking his name; Davros.

Some time has passed since Clara’s most recent Alien/Inception/Christmas adventure with The Doctor and she is back at school teaching, until she notices that the planes have frozen in the air. U.N.I.T. quickly scrambles and calls on Clara to uncover the mystery, when a surprise text from Missy reveals it’s all a plan to get Clara’s attention.

The Doctor has gone missing and Missy a.k.a. The Master a.k.a. The Doctor’s best friend needs Clara’s help in locating him. Once they do, it’s quickly apparent The Doctor is not his usual, grumpy self. Playing guitars, making puns, and… Hugging (shivers). The Doctor fears the end of his journey through the consequences of a choice he made recently, and so long ago, whether or not to save a young boy named Davros.

From the beginning of “The Magician’s Apprentice,” with the reveal of a young Davros, Creator of the Daleks, Dark Lord of Skaro, the ninth season of Doctor Who enters with a hook, and a huge cliffhanger. Introducing the impact The Doctor has on a young Davros, who goes on to create the Daleks and cementing so many moments in history, including the Time War, The Doctor must contemplate that if Davros made the Daleks, who made Davros?

While the episode’s end was the high point of drama and story, the strongest moment is Clara and Missy’s reunion with The Doctor. Clara’s character seemed inconsistent in the last season, but so far in this one episode she has the hopes of being a much stronger character, but the chemistry between Missy and the Doctor is what steals the show. Both quick and bitter, showing the viewer the years of history the two have with each other. And they’re just so much fun to watch.

The ninth season of Doctor Who has begun, and it’s started strong. It’s season premiere leaves the viewer with so many questions, one of which; who was the Magician’s apprentice?


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