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In a most... interesting move, Luc Besson has sold the rights to the "Taken" franchise to NBC in a straight to series order for a prequel to the hit 2008 film!

You did what?
You did what?

Though the first film became a massive and stunning success in 2008, the second and third films have since failed to recapture the same magic, and the intensity has been lacking. I mean, there is no way you could regain the intensity of this speech...

It was truly a perfect and iconic scene, spawning countless impersonators and parodies.

And we are forced to ask ourselves what this prequel will involve, well assuming Bryan Mills doesn't have to stop people taking his parents or family dog or something, it's likely to involve mostly this.

Yes indeed, it always felt a little strange that Bryan Mills had all of these incredible skills, and though he made it clear in the most awesome of ways with this sentence, we were always left wondering. Of course the biggest issue faced by NBC is...

Who can take on the role???

Neck chop!
Neck chop!

Liam Neeson has become iconic for this role, and you have to wonder how NBC will find someone with the same intensity in a younger body. It's a bit of a mystery, but I'm sure they will take their time and get it right!

The other interesting thing to mention is that this prequel series is to be set in the present day, which makes the timeline a little confusing, but it just means that clearly the films were set in 2040 or sometime around then, as Bryan won't even have met his wife at the start of the series apparently.

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What do you want to see in the Taken Prequel series?


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