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The release date of No Man's Sky is still a mystery to us all - though some feel the reason why is pretty clear. As we await the arrival of Hello Games' highly anticipated indie title for PS4 and PC, we've found numerous ways to occupy our minds - such as the best games to play while waiting for its release date.

But we've all fantasised about how we're going to interact with the product. We've all imagined how exactly we'll be playing No Man's Sky on our chosen platform. But perhaps the best way to engage with this fantasy is with music. The music of No Man's Sky is assuredly beautiful and we'll be engaging with it for countless hours. But with an entire universe of exploration ahead we may want to mix things up in space with some external joys.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Some Of The Best Music to Play On the Release Date of No Man's Sky!

Therefore, thanks to a recent interview, I'll take a look into how 65daysofstatic - the composers for No Man's Sky - produced music for this procedurally generated title, I'll pepper the article with some ethereal and beautiful tunes from various sources that you should definitely check out! If you have any other recommended artists or pieces that YOU think would work well with the gameplay of No Man's Sky, be sure to let us know in the comments. Let's start with this.

This is a quote from Paul Wolinski from 65daysofstatic, which references the job interview he had for No Man's Sky. After Hello Games wrote to the band regarding the use of one of their songs for a trailer, Sean Murray invited them to their offices after 65days jested about doing the whole soundtrack. After two minutes in a room together, it was clear that both sides wanted the collaboration to go ahead. But 65 had some researching to do.

What we were taken with was how similar Hello Games were to us as a band - that sort of indie approach they had. Though we might not follow games, we certainly follow composers – and we had seen a shift of people like Hans Zimmer and Clint Mansell moving from films into games.

The band have played a lot of games since Hello Games took them on, but it wasn't the games themselves they were struck by, but the music. How professional, varying, innovative and exciting so much of it was. Even the names of composers attached to certain projects astounded them. Once this base was established, they began to bring their own voice to the gaming world and No Man's Sky.

We first met Sean in early 2014 - there wasn't much to show us and they weren't ready to tell us exactly what they wanted. I think it was late summer, maybe even September when we had a big meeting and it became a lot clearer what we were working on. And it was January when we went into the studio. So three or four months - super, super intensive.

Apparently, the process of writing music for No Mans Sky was an extremely stressful one for 65days. They were required to come up with pieces in much faster succession then they were used to. This involved intense sessions with the band and becoming more experimental in how they created interesting sounds. After all, populating the universe with varying music is no easy task!

Sean Murray made this statement to the band before they began production, and it was a mindset that helped the band tremendously. It allowed them to free themselves from the constraints of writing for specific moments and emotions. They simply had to write the music of the universe - something indicative of space travel.

What Music Will You Listen to On the Release Date of No Mans Sky?

So with that in mind, I'd love to hear some of your recommendations for tunes to check out while playing [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) - for whenever it may receive its highly anticipated release date!


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