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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead episode 4 'Not Fade Away.'

Well we're over half-way through Fear the Walking Dead, and the apocalypse is still ticking away. Episode 4 'Not Fade Away' was undoubtedly the least gore-filled of the series to date, but somehow it was still filled with tense moments, grim realizations, and a brilliant final 10 minutes. 'Not Fade Away' has set us up for a lot to see in the last two episodes of Season 1, including a military medical facility where three of our main characters were headed by the end of the episode. But enough about what we may see in episodes to come, for now check out the 5 things you might have missed in Fear the Walking Dead 'Not Fade Away.'

1. There were no walkers

'Not Fade Away' was a little unusual in that there were no walkers in the entire episode. We saw sick people, and dead bodies, but no flesh-hungry walkers. With the lack of walkers, and the increased military presence it made it look as though, for a minute, perhaps the outbreak was under control, something which Travis, frustratingly, seemed to believe as well. Of course, we the audience know that what little 'control' the military ever had was soon lost, and within three weeks the world will be totally unrecognizable. Despite the lack of walkers it was interesting to see how much tension the episode still carried, especially in the final eight minutes when the military took Nick by force to go to the medical facilities, along with Griselda Salazar.

2. There was a time jump

The 12 safe zones in LA
The 12 safe zones in LA

At the beginning of the episode we learned that some time had passed since episode 3, with Chris telling us in his vlog that it had been nine days since the fences of the safe zone were erected, and the lights went out. According to Fear the Walking Dead showrunner, Dave Erickson, this was done so that by the end of Season 1 the show will have progressed to a place in time where the outbreak and apocalypse has "clearly taken over - at the very least, Los Angeles and the LA Basin.'

Erickson also explained what a time jump meant for the characters in the show:

We’re trying to mount this dynamic where our characters are genuinely learning the apocalypse and they’re slowly catching up. They’ve had a crash course over the first thee episodes, but by putting the fence up and creating this buffer between episodes 3 and 4, and between our family and the apocalypse beyond the fence, it allows us to continue that process and it allows us to let them — Madison and Travis and Alicia and the entire family — experience it in a way that I think would be consistent with as close to the reality of a zombie apocalypse as we could get to.

A lot of complaints about the series so far have been about how the show is slow moving. For fans of the The Walking Dead it's totally understandable that the pace is frustrating, but Fear the Walking Dead is trying to be as realistic as possible in showing what a zombie apocalypse would look like with people who have no concept of zombies or anything similar happening. Personally, I think it's nailing it.

3. The Season 1 'villain' was shown with a great Walking Dead reference

With Season 1 now over halfway through, we've finally begun to see that the armed forces have now kind of become the antagonists in the series. While they started out with best intentions, and formed safe zones (referred to as a 'DZ'), as we saw when Madison exited the safe zone (and at the very end with the person flashing the light inside the house), they seem to have been killing off perfectly healthy citizens, as well as forcibly taking people they deem unhealthy to these mysterious facilities.

To make it even more obvious that the military will become even more of the 'villain' in the series, the writers of Fear almost directly copied a scene from Season 3, episode 4 of The Walking Dead, one which showed another antagonist who liked a round of golf on the edge of his safe zone, the Governor:

Lt. Moyers who was the guy outside the gates whacking the golf balls even jokingly called Travis 'the Mayor,' come on - that's gotta be a Governor ref!

4. Jesus take the wheel!

Now, as dedicated fans of The Walking Dead will know, the bible frequently pops up in the series. We've seen several churches in the show, and many references to bible verses which are more suited to the circumstances. Fear the Walking Dead seems to be continuing this tradition of biblical references, and in 'Not Fade Away' Revelation 21:4 was stuck into the wire on the walls surrounding the safe zone. So what verse is Rev 21:4? Take a look:

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Yeah that all seems pretty apt to me. No death, sorrow, crying and pain? These are all things that people no longer have after being turned into walkers. And "for the former things are passed away" certainly seems to reflect how the world as the characters knew it is gone, this is a whole new way of life now. The verse was obviously something the writers wanted us to notice, because it came up again later on when Madison went outside the safe zone as well:

5. Those survivors outside the safe zone are dead meat

Further evidence to that the military are hiding information, and also not the good guys they want the citizens to believe they are came right at the end of the episode. After Chris saw a survivor (or survivors) communicate by flashing light from a house outside the safe zone he took the information to his father, who, in his show of complete faith in the armed forces, gave their location to the Lieutenant. The army denied any life outside of the zone, however Travis soon realized they were lying when the last few flashes of light he saw from that house were caused by muzzle flashes as the survivors who were desperately calling for help were shot dead.

Watch the promo for episode 5 of Fear the Walking Dead 'Cobalt' below:

Fear the Walking Dead episode 5 will screen on AMC on September 27th.


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