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I love the TV series supernatural and i adore every single character except of Metatron, Iliterally hate him! I also watch many others seri
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1. Apatosaurus

My favourite dino is apatosaurus. It is the most beautiful, gentle and big dinosaur in the park. I love them, they are just so cute!!!

I was very sorry for them when Indominus rex just killed them off.

In this scene apatosaurus remind me of the grandmother of littlefoot from The Land Before Time. I was touched a little because I used to watch tis animated movie as a kid.

2. Velociraptors or Raptors

Lol Lol Lol
Lol Lol Lol

As we found out in Jurassic Park 3, raptors are one of the most clever dinosaurs. That's why a man (Chris Pratt aka Owen) could train them and become Alpha.

In Jurassic World there are four of them Echo, Delta, Charlie and Blue.

They play an important role in the whole movie, and help people find the Indominus Rex in the tropical woods.

3. Tyrannosaurus rex or T-rex

That killer attribute is the fact that in Jurassic World, she seems to have the respect of not only the Mosasaurus but also the Velociraptors. If you remember your history, you know how much the T-Rex and the Raptor shouldn’t like each other. But when the T-rex was down for the count, good old Blue came in to save the day. You can’t beat or buy that sort of respect.

4. Indominus rex

Indominus rex is one of the new species in Jurassic World.It contains many DNAs. It is bigger, louder, with more teeth than the Tyrannosaurus rex. However, just because it has thermal camouflaging abilities, is of greater size than the Tyrannosaurus and has the trump card of being able to work its hands. It also can speak to Velociraptors but doesn’t mean it can’t be brought down. If you’re not one of those two other species mentioned, and you don’t have the beast’s back to the water long enough for the Mosasaurus to take it down, perhaps you should sit this one out, because this is a crazy dinosaur who really killing things.

5. Mosasaurus

In my opinion it is the scariest dinosaur of all dinosaurs. This mammoth beast loves to feast on sharks, Pteranodons,and, of course, the Indominus rex. Yet for all of the creatures it loves to feast upon, it still has one huge disadvantage: it’s contained to the water tank it calls home. So unless you’re planning on going towards the lagoon, you’re pretty safe from this beauty.

Yet I was pretty scared of sharks and now I am like WOW OMG!!


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