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Brooklyn Nine-Nine really pulled out all the stops in season 2, delivering madcap comedy along with heartfelt character development and personal plotlines. There were plenty of surprises in the finale that set up new challenges for season 3: Holt and Gina have a lot to deal with in their new roles in the HR Department, Jake and Amy shared that telling kiss, and of course the precinct will welcome Bill Hader's neurotic Captain Dozerman.

With only a week to go until the season 3 premiere, fans are eagerly awaiting what the next season will bring. And there may be more surprises in store for the precinct: could we really get a crossover with Parks and Recreation?

Leslie Knope In The Nine-Nine!

There are many connections between Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine: they have several of the same staff writers (including Chelsea Peretti), they have a similar comedy with a heart of gold vibe, and of course they share creator Mike Schur. After working on Parks and Rec since its first season, Mike Schur divided his time between the two shows, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine started to gain popularity. It was difficult, but Schur managed to run the shows together.

"They’re produced on the same lot, so I kinda go back and forth. I split my time. Some days, I’ll spend whole days at one place or the other. There’s a lot of extremely talented people who are also working on both shows."

Of course, Parks and Rec is over now (sob) but that doesn't mean the cast and writers of both shows don't stay in contact. Thanks to their Saturday Night Live days, Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg remain good friends, and if there's one person who's ready for a Parks and Rec/B99 crossover, it's Samberg!

Old friends
Old friends

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter recently, producer/actor Andy Samberg revealed his greatest wish for Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3: a crossover with Parks and Recreation! For him, this episode should centre around Poehler's Leslie Knope visiting New York.

[THR] "If you could cast any actor for a guest spot on the show, it'd be ..."

[Samberg] "Parks and Rec fans' heads might explode, and it's pretty sacred ground, but the dream really would be for Leslie Knope to show up in Brooklyn."

Not gonna lie, this idea is very exciting. Parks and Recreation's final season left a hole in our lives that only Pawnee's finest can fill, and seeing our favourite local government employees in the Nine-Nine in season 3 probably would make our heads explode. So how would all of this play out? According to Samberg, Amy may have competition for Jake's heart!

[THR] "What would that episode look like, if you were to pitch the story?"

[Samberg] "I assume Leslie Knope and Jake Peralta just making passionate love for a week straight. (Laughs.)"
Reconnecting in the Nine-Nine?
Reconnecting in the Nine-Nine?

With Leslie happily married to Ben Wyatt, we're not sure this would work so well, but it would be great to see Jake turn on the charm to impress Leslie! But seriously, could this ever actually be a thing?

Oh The Possibilities!

As The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine were both produced by the same studio, so as far as the rights go it is possible. The stumbling block really, is the fact that Parks and Rec is now off the air.

Crossover episodes are great. They're a cheeky nod to the fans of both shows, indulging our imaginations and giving the opportunity for characters to interact in a different scenario. In the case of the upcoming Sleepy Hollow / Bones event, crossovers can even bend the rules of genre for a fun, mind blowing mashup. They're a fun treat in the world of TV, and one which crucially promotes both TV shows. And there's the rub for a B99 / Parks crossover.

Best crossover ever?
Best crossover ever?

If Leslie Knope really were to visit the Nine-Nine, it would detract from the neatly tied up Parks and Rec finale, while reminding fans that this show isn't on TV any more. If anything, using the popularity of Parks and Rec to sell a crossover would be counter productive: instead of promoting a popular show, the studio would be building hype for something that doesn't exist any more. Which, sads. Plus there would be no opportunity for a mirroring episode in Parks and Rec where the characters of B99 pay Pawnee a visit.

So while the idea of Leslie popping over to Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 is TOTALLY AWESOME, it really wouldn't work. If the studio was going to do a crossover they would (and should) have done it during B99 season 2 and Parks and Rec season 7. Sigh.

But that doesn't mean Amy Poehler won't guest star as a different character! With Bill Hader, Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 already proved it's gonna pull in som SNL talent. So what kind of character would you like to see Amy Poehler play? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


Would a Parks & Rec/B99 crossover still work?


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