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ive read the comics, now....I've seen the movies!!!

My longest binge on one game. Wow! There's been so many! I booked a full week off work when Halo 3 was released on Xbox 360. I barely slept! But, I don't think that's actually the one.

Master Chief has eaten my time over and over again. I'd play the story, then play it co-operatively, all. Over. Again. ...and again.

For all its glory, Halo, doesn't NEED the time of say, a fantastic rpg. These are the things that usually end up eating my time

I'm very picky about Role play games. If they don't have a certain atmosphere, if they're not story-rich, I can lose interest very quickly (over 50 hours of play is quickly, right?). If the game has that time disappears!

I picked it up off the shelf at random. It was a new release, I had nothing else to play, and the box was reallllllly shiny!


Oh man, Bioware know how to get a guy addicted! I needed to see every moment of this games story. And that was the problem. Branching story-archs. Who should I save? Should I sleep with her, or the blue-alien girl? These were all important decisions! And each one led to yet another important decision. And another! And wow....I needed them all RIGHT NOW! The first day, I played for ten-hours straight. The second day.......over twenty-six! Yep, it was over the second day, and into the third. I know I had coffee (that's probably kinda obvious to you), but I don't think I ate. I didn't have time to put down my controller. The Reapers were coming. I needed to stop Saren from bringing Sovereign to our galaxy and wiping out all sentient life.

And I needed to do it now!

I played Mass Effect constantly, day-in, day-out, for a month.

.......they're working on a new one.


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