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Despite the Twilight mini movies emerging to sate the average Twilhard's everlasting hunger for new material, there is nothing like a full-length movie to sink your fangs into and, as a result, Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 will never cease to be brushed through with a fine-toothed comb.

MTV has recently laid an eagle eye over the final installment in the Twilight franchise and noticed a gaping plot hole that potentially means the logic of the seminal final battle totally goes to the dogs, but did you notice it before?

We all know that Alice is a vampire who has been touched with psychic gifts, but both the movies and the books show us that she has a very particular blind spot: Werewolves.

As the deleted scene from [The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1](tag:25327) below shows us perfectly, Alice simply can't hear the thoughts of werewolves... Until that is, it becomes crucial to the plot.

The pseudoscience behind this is put down to the complicated chromosomal make-up of shapeshifters in the books, and we see it in the movies in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 where Alice has problems reading Renesmee thanks to her also harboring the additional gene.

All of the lore of Alice's psychic ability and its scope seemed to be completely set in stone until the final film was released and suddenly the Cullen adoptee could see everything.

So, how did Alice go from wearing her werewolf blindfold to seeing exactly how every other worldly being would maneuver and who would kill who when it came to her epic vision of the snowy battlefield?

While the twist that the scene was nothing more than a premonition from Alice that led to a truce was nothing short of masterful, there are plenty of fan theories out there about how Alice achieved this impossible feat that are less impressive... Are you convinced by any of the ideas below?

1. Alice became so attuned with the wolves that her mind was unlocked to them

This one doesn't really make much sense to me because Alice's mind-merge with the wolves' would've had to have happened after the Eclipse battle or she could've foretold the results of that feud, too. Seeing as there was no love lost between the wolves and the Cullens in the first part of Breaking Dawn, can you imagine a time when this epic bonding session could have taken place?

2. She was still only seeing through vampire eyes

According to some, it's possible that Alice was viewing the whole scene through vampire's futures only, and it was through their eyes that she knew what the werewolves around them were up to. This major loophole kind of makes sense, but the same problem with the Eclipse battle above still applies.

3. Renesmee changed everything

When Jacob first laid his eyes on baby Renesmee, the supernatural bond between wolf and half-vampire was solidified forever. Could this powerful moment have dropped the disconnect for the likes of Alice, too?

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