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If you tuned in to watch the Emmy's last weekend, you may have noticed that one subtle accessory was getting more airtime than most. As we watched several nominees, winners and the majority of the cast of Transparent and Veep, take their places, we couldn't help but notice one small detail they all had in common. A detail spotted at last years Emmy's, too. The accessory in question? A little green ribbon.

Jeffrey Tambor won 'Outstanding Actor in a Comedy' for Transparent
Jeffrey Tambor won 'Outstanding Actor in a Comedy' for Transparent

But what does the ribbon stand for? Some people tried to figure it out...

To raise the awareness of green ribbons in general?

As valid as a leprechaun awareness ribbon could be in the current age of bizarre beliefs, these celebrities donned the green ribbons to show support to a cause far more valid to our existence. President Barack Obama's climate change plan.

If you get right up close to your screen and squint, you can see that in white writing on all the ribbons is the hashtag . The DCA is a campaign put forward by the National Resources Defense Council, an online petition to persuade world leaders to make a step towards climate change action. A deserving cause indeed!

Source: Cosmopolitan & E!


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