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Mark Newton

Describing the positive reactions to movies as 'out of this world' might be a bit hyperbolic, but in the case of Ridley Scott's The Martian it is literally true.

Although it has yet to be widely released (critics have been lucky enough to receive advanced viewings) The Martian can be viewed in one very special location - the International Space Station.

The ISS recently installed a new high definition projector which allows the entire multi-national crew to gather together for some zero-gravity movie goodness (popcorn is presumably unfortunately prohibited). Earlier in the year they enjoyed a viewing of Alfonso Cuarón's space-disaster Oscar winner, Gravity, while yesterday they sat down (well, floated around) for a special screening of The Martian. Check out the tweets of ISS commander Scott Kelly below:

Personally, if I was aboard the ISS, I probably wouldn't want to watch movies about space missions going awry, I mean, it's kind of like watching Flight while on a plane.

Check out The Martian trailer below:

I am consistently and outrageously jealous of any member of the International Space Station, and now it seems I can add advanced viewings of Ridley Scott movies to my growing 'Reasons I Should Have Become an Astronaut' list.

Luckily, this small element of my space-jealously won't last too long. The Martian is due to make its terrestrial US premiere on October 2nd.



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