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Right-wing special interest group One Million Moms, an organization who aims to promote "family-friendly" programming, has launched their latest attack on ABC's brand new series of The Muppets. The new series is set to premiere tonight on ABC, but if the group had their way they would see it cancelled before it hit screens.

The new Muppets series, which carries a TV-PG rating and will screen at 8pm, is clearly aimed at an adult audience, however One Million Moms says that it's worried that parents won't realize this going into the the show, and that it will "confuse children." According to One Million Moms "ABC has ruined The Muppets," and the series is "not the show it once was."

Kermit's new GF, Denise in The Muppets
Kermit's new GF, Denise in The Muppets

Of course, One Million Moms does have a point, the 2015 version of The Muppets is very different to The Muppets we've seen prior. This new series will be a show-within-a-show, portraying the lives of the muppets as they live behind-the-scenes of a fictional talk show which stars Miss Piggy. Basically the format sounds somewhat similar to 30 Rock, but with a mockumentary twist in the style of The Office or Modern Family.

All of the advertising and promos for the show have been very clear that the new Muppets series is very much aimed at adults, however, One Million Moms remains convinced that people will not realize the difference and allow their children to watch the "perverted" show.

This is not the first time One Million Moms (who don't actually have one million members, but rather use a name popularized by the MillIon Man March which happened in 1995) have campaigned for for a TV show to be canceled, in the past Desperate Housewives, Glee and The Shield have all been targets of the group. They also have campaigns to urge advertisers to boycott shows that the group object to.

Some of One MIllion Moms current campaigns
Some of One MIllion Moms current campaigns

Over the last few years One Million Moms have also started huge campaigns to have LGBT imagery removed from the media, coming into conflict with DC, Marvel and Archie Comics as well as Toys "R" Us and JC Penney. According to, following DC revealing in 2012 that Green Lantern Alan Scott was gay, the group actually had to briefly shut down their Facebook account after it was inundated with messages criticizing One Million Moms, and supporting DC.

Alan Scott, openly gay DC character
Alan Scott, openly gay DC character

One Million Moms is an extension of the American Family Association, a Christian lobbying group, who concentrates efforts on organizing boycotts and letter-writing campaigns against the media. The association has been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for actions such as "propagation of known falsehoods," and "demonizing propaganda" about homosexuality.

The Muppets will premiere September 22nd at 8pm over on ABC

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