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The all singing-all dancing-beer guzzling- Oktober fest is upon us once more. To celebrate the start of this fun event in Germany, Pure Costumes have lowered the characters down into the party and re-imagined what they would be drinking. Thanks to these guys everybody in the House of Mouse is getting their drink on too.

Will you agree with the drinks the characters have been paired with?

Here is how Pure Costumes think Disney Princesses Would Celebrate Oktoberfest.

In Pure Costumes words,

Oktoberfest officially starts this Saturday and to celebrate, we’re combining two things that we love – Disney and beer. Although those two things don’t usually go hand in hand, we thought it would be fun to see what type of brews popular female Disney characters would drink during Oktoberfest.

Although I think many of these are fine matches, I think some choices could have been made differently.


The character is Scottish and, I hare to inform Pure Costumes about this, but Scotland and Ireland are totally separate places. How about some Belhaven Scottish Ale instead?


Ariel needs to be given something else to drink before she has a tantrum, just look how miffed she looks with her bottle of corona.

Maybe some Punk IPA would be better instead to match her fiery hair?


Tiana is a princess from New Orleans so I can see her supping on some Crescent City Pilsner instead.

I think Snow White will be falling into another deep slumber after getting stuck into all of these beer festivities. Hopefully the seven dwarves will be on hand to nurse her hangover.

Will you be joining in the party for Oktoberfest?

Source: Pure Costumes


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