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Have you seen the trailer for The Blacklist Season 3 yet? No? Then what are you waiting for?

In the promo trailer for the upcoming season James Spader's Raymond "Red" Reddington steals the show as usual, joking "it's good to be wanted" as they run from the FBI, waving around a shotgun rather menacingly, blood dripping from a nasty looking head wound as Ode to Joy plays in the background.

Aside from the trailer reinforcing the fact that Spader is an immeasurable badass, we learned some important stuff from the trailer, namely:

  • No Narrative Gap: Season 3 will pick up right where Season 2 left off, so with no passage of time between them the first episode of Season 3 will follow Red & Elizabeth Keene (Meghan Boone) as they attempt to escape DC. Meanwhile Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and the rest of the team will be hot on their heels, with Liz now wanted for the murder of Tom Connolly (Reed Birney)
  • Still Chasing Criminals: Red & Liz, whilst on the run themselves, will continue to hunt down Blacklist criminals with connections to the Cabal in order to clear Liz's name.
  • Blondes Have More Fun?: It makes sense - on the run, change your appearance. Series creator Jon Bokenkamp has said that there's a narrative reason for Liz's new haircut though:
    "What we hit on in the story is that by virtue of her being on the run and having to change her look, she ends up realising that she may look like her mother. It felt like a really nice, organic way to take the on-the-run story of two fugitives and yet tie it back into the mythology of who Liz is, who Red is, what their relationship is and to lean into the bigger question of identity."

But there's something important that we didn't learn from the trailer - the identity of the new villain who will be taking centre stage in Season 3 now that Tom Connolly is out of the picture.

The New Antagonist Arrives

Edi Gathegi will be picking up a villainous role in The Blacklist Season 3 when it starts next month. Perhaps best known for his role as Darwin in X-Men: First Class, Gathegi will be playing the mysterious Mr. Solomon - a 'cleaner' and hired hand for the Cabal. EW reports that his character will be "unassuming and soft-spoken on the surface, with a hidden (and terrifying) capacity for violence, Mr. Solomon is a monster in gentleman’s clothing."

He will make his first appearance in the premiere episode of Season 3, The Troll Hunter, scheduled to air October 1st 2015. As the episode picks up with the FBI perusing Liz for the murder of Tom Connolly, it looks like the Cabal are going to send someone after her too in the form of the soft-spoken Mr. Solomon.

"The Cabal is more desperate and therefore more dangerous and frankly bringing in more lethal people to handle the situation. [Mr. Solomon] is a fixer for The Cabal and he’s ruthless. He’s really good at making things personal."
- Bokenkamp

It seems that Red releasing the information from the Fulcrum will be causing a lot of problems within The Cabal, and it looks like things are going to get personal for Mr. Solomon as he comes after Liz and Red. A recurring character, we'll definitely be seeing a lot of him in the upcoming season as Edi Gathegi is confirmed to be appearing in at least four episodes according to IMDB.

But hey, whilst Mr. Solomon may have it out for Elizabeth Keene, it looks like Edi Gathegi and Meghan Boone are getting on much better off-screen if Gathegi's Twitter account is any indication...

Are you excited for The Blacklist Season 3 yet? Got a theory, or something you want to see? Tell us about it in the comments!


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