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The 67th Annual Primetime Emmys have come and gone, and for the most part, it seemed like it was business as usual.

However, although the red carpet might have looked as glamorous as ever, there was a slightly more cerebral wave of questioning washing over the actresses and starlets among the attendees. Comedian Amy Poehler, patron of the Smart Girls Organization, teamed up with Twitter and the Emmy Academy to introduce more intellectually stimulating questions to the red carpet.

Usually, actresses and female celebrities can be expected to answer question after question about their clothes, what's in their handbags and who's looking after the kids tonight. Bored with these facile interrogations, Poehler took to Twitter to source some more interesting, and challenging, questions. The hashtag began to trend on Twitter during the show, with several famous faces - including Hilary Clinton and Britney Spears - getting involved in the action. Here are some of their suggestions:

Not only is this saying female celebrities have much more to offer than just a dazzling smile and a well-coiffured hair-do, but I think we can all agree these lines of questioning are actually much, much more interesting. Don't you agree?

Source: Cosmopolitan


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