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I love all things zombie and having suspense drawn out to build up tension. I like out right jumps and i appreciate a good scare.
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Generally when in comes to turning movies into games , the fans are usually disappointed.

Pirates of the Caribbean the game was quite disappointing , as was the Harry Potter games (except the Lego versions), Spider-man, Transformers, The Godfather to name a few.

Alien seems to be an exception to this. Not only was the original Playstation game very intense and stressful, it carved the way for future Alien games.

Although an Alien's game is always going to be intense Alien Isolation takes it to a whole new level.

motion tracker  baby!!
motion tracker baby!!

Above is a classic scene in game. Using the motion tracker you can figure out (to a degree) how far it is, which direction it is moving/facing, and whether it is around a corner etc.

The premise of the game is quite straight forward. You are Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter, and a flight recorder from her ship has been found. So you set of into space looking for answers.

While there , aboard a space station , it becomes apparent that you are not alone-in more ways than one!

One of the survivors
One of the survivors

There are other survivors on board and not all of them are friendly-which is understandable given that a Xenomorph is on the loose amongst other things. As you progress through the game, you make choices about who to engaged and who to avoid. Some of these survivors provide useful bits of kit, and others just make the game more difficult.

Now personally I like the fact that not all survivors are friendly and that you then start dynamically risk assessing situations to figure out how to proceed.

The eyes tell you if its friendly
The eyes tell you if its friendly

Then we have the androids , again some are friendly some are not. Risk assessing this situation becomes vitally important as they can cause a commotion and get the Aliens attention. They can be defeated but once they set their eyes on you then they generally hunt you down.

Amanda has many things that she makes from scavenged parts that help eradicate the Androids. But despite this ability they are very unnerving , walking slowly , speaking in a firm tone but always with a sense of menace, they give the game an extra jump factor. Throughout the game they are present and more than once i was caught off guard and an android grabbed my shoulder and i physically jumped.

An androids handy work.
An androids handy work.

Last but not least we have the Alien. And what a dramatic appearance it makes into the game. I am not afraid to admit that this was intimidating. From then on the Alien is on the prowl and you must try to avoid it. Which isn't always easy as it can hide in vents and randomly come into rooms which you are in.

Now although you can avoid the Alien by hiding-under tables, in lockers etc-it does have heightened senses. It can smell you better than survivors or androids, it can hear you better, and it's not easily deterred .

Hiding under a table
Hiding under a table

The dramatic music makes the presence of the Alien all the more terrifying. It gets louder the closer it gets-but only sometimes- really putting your thinking and reflexes into overload.

You can force the Alien back via flamethrower and setting decoys etc, however it cannot be killed. If it catches you-you die. Thus giving the game an even more nail-biting realism.

Panic sets in
Panic sets in

The scenarios as well are all well thought out, unlike games like Resident Evil where you need to back track to progress, this game involves doing tasks TO progress.

All round this games is intense and thoroughbly enjoyable. The graphics are good( not amazing like Gears Of War and Forza's) but this does not detract from the brilliance of the game. With little nods to the original film even die hard fans of the franchise will love this game (myself included).

I can't really recommend this game enough , as an Alien fan and after Colonial Marines i was skeptical, but this exceeded my expectations.

This was my view a lot!!
This was my view a lot!!

I would love to hear from people who have played this game, or even if you are thinking of getting it. Feel free to leave a comment/opinion.

What other Movies would translate well into a game.

It is very common to have the game first- Mario, Silent Hill, Resident Evil etc.

But what would movie lovers like to see adapted, and what elements should be kept?

For example Wanted was adapted into game and the Curved bullet sequence was kept , along with other bits, which made the game far more interesting.


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