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It's [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) theory time! With 7 months to go until the film's release, fans are going to town on speculation and theories. From the logical to the far fetched, there is nothing from the trailers and promos that hasn't been dissected at length, and plenty of theories tied to no evidence whatsoever.

Gal Gadot's [Wonder Woman](tag:45787) especially has been the subject of much speculation. With little to nothing known about her character, fans are wondering what kind of a role she'll play in the plot, and how influential that role will be. Obviously she's going to help Batman and Superman establish the Justice League later on in DC's movie canon, but how they get to that point still remains uncertain. So let's examine what we know so far, and what conclusions (if any) we can draw...

Wonder Woman: All We Know

Ready to fight!
Ready to fight!

Before we get down to the latest theory, let's cast our eye back on the minimal information we already have about Gal Gadot's character.

  • She's the Goddess of War - no Hippolyta clay for this Wonder Woman! Producer Charles Roven confirmed that this Diana will follow the New 52 continuity, where she takes over from Ares as the literal God of War (which makes Sean Bean's casting in the Wonder Woman solo movie veeeery interesting..)

  • Her solo movie is set in the 1920s - we'll be getting a prequel biopic following Diana from her home in Themiscyra to 20s New York, after rescuing pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) from his plane crash.

  • So she's not only immortal, but she's been a hero for decades! This is the most interesting part of her characterisation, leaving plenty of plot points to ponder on.

  • She has a strange connection to Lex Luthor - seen leaving the LexCorp offices, many have speculated that Diana Prince is in league with Lex (or maybe he's just obsessed with her).

  • She may already know Bruce Wayne - thanks to this promo pic, we caught a glimpse of Diana and Bruce looking pretty pally at a formal party...
Getting pretty cosy there...
Getting pretty cosy there...

So how does all of this feed into the theories? Well, the latest speculation is that Diana Prince may have amnesia in Batman vs Superman, which could explain who she's fighting in that battle we caught a glimpse of...

No Longer Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman getting amnesia is not a new idea. In fact, when sales for the Wonder Woman solo comic were flagging back in 1968, writer Mike Sekowsky did a bit of a reboot, pushing Diana Prince as the hero instead of her Amazonian alter ego. She was still pretty badass though, and learned martial arts so she could be more of a secret agent style hero.

Eventually though, the series ended with Diana getting severe amnesia, and her Amazonian sisters restored her superpowers and her memories... apart from her memories of being secret agent Diana Prince. Shame.

Cool new look for Diana.
Cool new look for Diana.

But this plot may be being resurrected in Batman vs Superman! Let's break down the theory from the beginning.

Since the 1920s, Diana has been saving the day as Wonder Woman, staying under the radar for the most part but ultimately being the big damn hero the world deserves.

When Batman starts doing his own hero work, they strike up an alliance of sorts: they will stay out of each other's way for the most part, but lend a hand when needed. Things potter along nicely for a while, but then disaster strikes when Wonder Woman gets amnesia, forgetting her history and allegiance with Batman. This could very well be part of Lex's big plan to pit the heroes against one another, and why she's working for him in the film.

Could it be that he was the one to cause the amnesia? It certainly works in his favour, allowing him to manipulate Diana into fighting Batman and Superman in the final battle. And we all know how capable she is of taking them out - in one comic arc, she single handedly incapacitated the ENTIRE Justice League in order to protect them.

It's for your own good, guys.
It's for your own good, guys.

But ultimately, Wonder Woman regains her memories (how? We just don't know) and saves the day with her fellow heroes.

This potential plot does have some advantages: most notably it ties nicely into her prequel solo film, which could tell the story of how she became the hero. It also explains Bruce and Diana's connection - though maybe in that picture he's trying to remind her of who she is, to no avail. It also gives the reason for Diana working for Lex. So what are the downsides?

Well, it doesn't seem to be based on much evidence. For the moment it looks like Wonder Woman will be an elusive and mysterious figure, casually in control the whole time as she investigates Lex, and stepping in at the final moment to break up the fight and help defeat that other mysterious villain (not Doomsday, apparently) that threatens humanity.

So what do you think: does this theory play out? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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