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A lot of us have had serious issues with Bungie's Destiny, ever since it was released in September of last year. Since then the game has received various expansions, all of which I personally believe to be nowhere near worthy the price tags that Activision have slapped onto them. However, as we've seen with a lot of gaming publications and player's opinions around the world, The Taken King is a very different story.

If Destiny was closer to what The Taken King offers when it was first released, it would have been a much more likeable product. The variations and additions it brings are fantastic, and have managed to make Destiny exciting again. Due to the similarities in reception, Destiny and Elder Scrolls Online have often been compared with one another and I'm wondering whether ESO really needs an expansion.

Destiny: The Taken King
Destiny: The Taken King

Does Elder Scrolls Online Need An Expansion Like Destiny's The Taken King?

Elder Scrolls Online has completely transformed since the days that it existed as a pay-to-play PC MMO. ZeniMax Online have done remarkable work in terms of improving upon player's grievances - however it still has its issues. Therefore, I'm wondering whether Bethesda or ZeniMax are even considering an expansion to this MMO. It recently enjoyed a great deal of success - despite its lukewarm reception - on XBOX One and PS4.

Therefore, with a much wider audience now enjoying the MMO, would it still be a risk for Bethesda to produce an expansion for Elder Scrolls Online? Does ESO actually need an expansion, or is fine the way it is? Personally, I think this game has a lot of issues to contend with, while simultaneously boasting one of the greatest PvP systems on any platform. Therefore, I'd love to see elements of the game improved upon and additional narrative elements introduced, but is the demand out there?

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

Do You Want An Expansion for ESO?

It's very rare to see an MMO as successful as Elder Scrolls Online to not receive an expansion. With so many players still engaged with the title, it's no surprise that Bethesda would stand to make a profit from expanding on the original. I just can't help but think of The Taken King and how it has literally pulled me back to a game I thought I was completely done with. A worthwhile expansion for Elder Scrolls Online could bring a lot of us back to Tamriel.

But where do you stand on the idea? Have you had the opportunity to engage with Destiny's The Taken King expansion? If so, be sure to let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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