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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

[Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) is possibly creating more buzz than any other film that is coming out in the near future. Yes, even more than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). The question that fans have been pondering is who will be the primary Jedi in the film? Many have speculated that Finn (John Boyega) was the Jedi when he was pictured holding a blue lightsaber in a teaser trailer released a while back. Many speculated that the female lead Rey (Daisy Ridley) was the Jedi and she is actually the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Well, images have surfaced that depict the main characters on trading cards and it may reveal their roles in the film.

Rey is the Jedi?

So if these trading cards reveal the truth, then it seems that Rey is going to be the main Jedi, at least at first. To some people this may come as a surprise but this has been speculated on for months. Does that mean that that long stick that she carries around is a lightsaber? Possibly dual sided like Darth Maul's?


That fan art is so cool and that would be pretty sick. It makes sense that Rey is the Jedi, as it is possibly in her blood. Luke Skywalker did state in the trailer that "The Force runs strong in my family," and Rey has been speculated to be his niece so it all seems to add up. Will she be the only young Jedi in the film, however?

Can Finn still be a Jedi?

Finn is set to be the primary protagonist in the film and he was the one many slated to be the Jedi, especially after the teaser trailer. If the cards that were leaked have truth to them, then Rey is going to be the primary Jedi but I don't think that it will stay that way. I believe that throughout the film Finn will begin to discover his ability of the Force. If you listen to the second teaser trailer, Luke Skywalker is talking to someone and says that along with his family having the ability to use the Force, he says "You have it, too". Could he possibly be talking to Finn? It would make sense as it is in the title - The Force Awakens - Finn's Force ability is awakened throughout the film and he somehow finds Luke, much like Luke did with Han Solo in the original trilogy.

Are these trading cards accurate?

Nothing is official as of the moment and these trading cards may very well reveal the truth but there is one thing that may discredit this. Director J.J Abrams stated a while back that Kylo Ren is not a Sith. While directors lie all the time about character roles to avoid spoilers, there is no denying that this adds a level of doubt when it comes to the authenticity of the cards. It still does not completely discredit them, however. There has been much speculation and rumors that support them, so anything can happen. Either way, I cannot wait for the Force Awakens! This is really going to put Star Wars back on the map in a truly epic fashion! "Chewy, we're home," will be the phrase that will stick with me when I walk out of the theater this December.


Who do you think the Jedi is?


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