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Happy birthday to the master of horror, Stephen King! The legendary author celebrates 68 years on earth today.

If you grew up in the 70s...or the 80s...or the 90s...or at any time in the last four decades, really, chances are Stephen King shaped your pop culture preferences more than you realize. To get an idea of how prolific he's been over the years, let's break it down. In the course of his career (so far), he's written:

  • 55 novels
  • 11 short story collections
  • 7 novellas
  • 5 nonfiction books
  • 9 other works in various formats, including American Vampire, his first-ever graphic novel
  • Over 90 live-action adaptations of his work
  • 8 comic book/graphic novel adaptations of his work or based on it

Despite having said multiple times over the years that he planned to retire, King is still going strong and doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. At the moment, Under the Dome, the TV series based on his novel of the same name, is currently running (though this will be the last season), and movie adaptations are in the works for The Stand, It , as well as a long-awaited multiple film, multi-series adaptation of his magnum opus, The Dark Tower. Which, in case you are interested in a random bit of trivia about me, shaped my writing and desire to be a writer more than any other series I've read.

So here's to you, Stephen King. Thanks for teaching three different generations the meaning of fear. Happy birthday!


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