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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Felicity walked into the Queen mansion with her hand firmly grasped in her secret husband/baby daddys. She was so nervous she could barely breathe. "Ollie? Felicity?" Felicity turned to see Thea bounding down the stairs to greet them. She briefly let go of Olivers hand so he could hug his sister but it was back in hers within seconds. If Thea noticed this, she didn't say anything.

Thea was wearing a short red dress with long sleeves and a bow on the back. She had highish black heels and had her hair curled. She looked beautiful. She led Oliver and Felicity to the living room where everyone had gathered. Felicity spotted Moira, who she avoided eye contact with, Walter, who she smiled at, and Roy, who she let go of Olivers hand as he was talking to Thea and walked over to. "You okay?" He asked her. She nodded "Yeah. Just nervous about letting the proverbial cat out of the bag."

They had told Roy about the baby after they had let Diggle in on there secret. Roy was surprised, but happy for them all the same. Speaking of Diggle, Felicity spotted him on the other side of the room making his way toward her. "Are you okay?" He asked as soon and he was within range of her. "Why does everyone keep asking me that?" She asked as she sighed.

Felicity held her breath as Oliver called for everyone to be quite. This was it. She thought. She nervously played with her hair. She felt Diggle and Roy move in closer to her to support her. She smiled at them but her eyes said, Help me.


"Everyone?" Oliver spoke loudly. He was sweating bullets and was super nervous but hoped no one could tell. Everyone quieted down and turned to look at him. He saw his mother frown at his interruption. He found Felicity in the crowd and saw she was standing next to Roy and Diggle. He offered her a small smile that she returned. Well, its now or never.... He took a deep breath and blurted it out before he got cold feet..

"About 4 years ago tomorrow, Felicity and I got married in secret." The crowd reacted instantly. Murmurs and mumbling started. A few cry's of "What?" Broken only by his mothers laughter. "Oh Oliver." She laughed. "That's a good one." She laughed along with everyone else as she shot him a death glare. "But mom-" "To the kitchen. Now." She hissed through her teeth. "Bring that... that IT girl with you." She glared one final time at Oliver before swiftly making her way through the crowd of people who were back to socializing.

Oliver had never been more furious at his mother. How dare she? He nevertheless followed her anyway to the kitchen, passing Felicity, who had tears streaming down his face, and gently asked her to follow him. He waved Diggle and Roy off and followed his mother to the kitchen. Once there, his mother turned to face them.

"Is she pregnant?" She asked Oliver. Felicity was trying desperately to be somewhere else. Oliver nodded, glaring at his mother. Moira pinched the bridge of her nose like she often did when she was angry. "Oliver. How could you get another girl pregnant? Do you realize what this will do to our family?" Felicity look at Oliver, shocked at the mention of 'another girl', as Oliver looked down to the ground. He snapped his head back up as Moira finished, "I suppose we'll just have to get an abortion..." "WHAT!?" Oliver and Felicity both yelled at the same time.

"You heard me." She spoke to Oliver. She acted as if Felicity wasn't even there. "Mom. We are keeping the baby. Didn't you here what i said in there. We got married. We've been married for 4 years!" Moira pinched the bridge of her nose again as she sighed. "Oh Oliver. Why would you do this?" "Because I Love her!" He yelled. "Oliver sweetie. You don't love her." She said calmly as if he was a child.

Oliver was appalled by his mothers reaction. And he told her so. "I cant believe you." He said. Moira shook her head again and said, "Now, i want you to take your 'Wife' to the hospital, and abort the baby. Then you're going to the court house and divorcing her." Olivers jaw practically hit the floor. "No." He said firmly as he put a reassuring hand around Felicitys waist and guided her out of the house, Diggle and Roy following close behind.


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