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As much as I enjoy watching the Academy Awards every year, I find myself scratching my head wondering how an Oscar win has managed to slip from between Leonardo DiCaprio's fingers year after year.

It almost makes me believe the Oscars don't hold much weight if the greats aren't ever awarded one! I understand the lovely Meryl Streep is practically nominated every single year, but at least she has won three out of the 19 times she's been nominated.

It all started out with this hilarious, yet depressing picture that was posted by Supposedtobefunny123 a few months ago.

Feeling incredibly inspired, an Oscar winner who goes by the alias iHasanOscar posted photos on Imgur teasing Leo for his lack of statues.

With 2,947 Oscars floating around, it's anybody's guess as to whose dark hand and equally dark humor belongs to the brain behind the operations.

Also interesting is the existence of an Oscars statue black market. Although illegal, at least 200 Oscars have been sold in the past. Therefore, it is possible that the perpetrator could be just an average Joe, rather than your Streep, Jolie, or Day-Lewis.

More recently, a photo was released depicting an agitated Leo showing the Oscar what he's really made of.

Based on the intense shine of the statue, my guess is that this person has to be a more recent winner.

Whoever it is, I say screw the haters, Leo! You don't need a gleaming gold man statue for validation that you're an insanely talented and mind-blowing actor.

However, if your curse is never lifted, and you really want one, I hear there are more than a few available on the Black Market.

[Source: Uproxx]


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