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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Slade silently watched Oliver and Felicity through a camera he had set up in the 'Arrow cave'. They were wrapped in each others embrace on a bed. Whispering and kissing. Slade was going to be sick.

"Sir." his henchman said. "The bomb is in place. Waiting to detonate on your command." "Wait until I give my word." Slades voice growled. The man nodded as he walked away. Soon kid. Slade thought. Soon you'll know my pain.


Oliver and Felicity got up sometime later in the day. They didn't want to, but they both knew they had to. Felicity took a quick shower as Oliver called Roy and Diggle and asked then to meet him at the lair. It was getting darker and would soon be time to go out.

Roy and Diggle showed up right after Felicity got out of the shower. She threw on a pair of old jeans and one of Oliver's hoodies she now fit into. Which was scary. And met them by her computers.

After assuring Diggle and Roy for the hundredth time that she was okay, they got down to business. Oliver and Roy suited up, and Diggle stayed behind with her to look over the police scanners. Oliver gave her a quick peck on the lips before he left, and then they were gone.


Slade watched all this unfold from the safety and comfort of his lair. As soon as Oliver left, he called for his henchman. "Yes sir?" he asked him. "Now." was all Slade said. The henchman nodded and left with a smirk on his face.


Felicity and Diggle were looking through the scanners when the room exploded. Felicity heard Diggle call her name as the room exploded white, and then, darkness assaulted her vision as the world went black.


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