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I really do have to credit The Emperor's New Groove for sparking my love for llamas.

Just look at this guy. He's beyond adorable.

Like many fans of the film, my absolute favorite character was Kronk. He may be incredibly muscular and intimidating in size, but in reality he's just a huge sweetheart who enjoys making his delicious spinach puffs and chatting with the occasional squirrel.

According to twerking_nine2five's fan theory on Reddit, it seems that Kronk might actually be an animal turned human. This fan theory suggests that Yzma found Kronk as a young squirrel and transformed him into a human being.

While he may have the ability to communicate with squirrels with ease, and Yzma does own many potions that can turn humans to animals, and vise versa, this theory was shut down as Kronk's New Groove contains scenes of Kronk as a young human child.

After reviewing the sequel, twerking_nine2five revised her theory, based off the fact that Kronk was a human child at some point, and that he even has a human father whom he only wishes to make proud.

One mystery we are left with, however, is who exactly was Kronk's mother? His mother is never included in a single flashback, and she isn't a character in either of the films.

twerking_nine2five theorizes that Kronk's mother used to be an animal and somehow turned into a human. She might have even broken into Yzma's lab, accidentally transformed into a human, and then somehow blended into Mesoamerican society.

It also seems like there are no differences in intelligence when it comes to llama Kuzco, cat Yzma, and Bucky the squirrel, therefore it wouldn't be too difficult for an animal-to-human to be able to assimilate into human civilization.

Speaking of animals, Kronk does appear to have some animal-like tendencies: he can communicate with other squirrels and he has incredibly enormous guns if you haven't noticed.

Whether human, squirrel, or somehow in-between, I wish I could get my hands on a few of those spinach puffs. And if more squirrels could learn how to make delicious gourmet food, much like Ratatouille, I wouldn't complain either; especially if they ask me to be their taste-tester.

But I suppose I need to learn how to speak squirrel first...

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