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Documenting the journey of the Sons of God series has been one of the most fascinating experiences for me. As a long time movie buff, stepping behind the scenes to chat with the people who bring the art of film into movie houses and homes across the world can be best described as a dream come true.

Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with Anthony Vaccarella, who plays Dante in the Sons of God series. Check out the interview, this one was definitely fun and informative! I got the juicy gossip I was waiting for.

So what are you working on right now?

Other than Sons of God I just finished up two movies one is called Where Hearts Lie with Clifton Powell and Malik Yoba. Also I've wrapped up C Street which is a comedy. It has Dylan Walsh, and Micheal Gross from Family Ties acting with me to name a few people. I also have the lead role in Double Fist a film starring Paul Mormando which was also directed by Leonardo Sanderson which is slated to be released in the November film festival.

You sound busy!

Yeah a little bit, I try to keep busy

How did you come to work on Sons of God?

I've built a relationship with Leo (Leonardo Sanderson) from doing Double Fist and when we were winding down he mentioned he was interested in doing a sci-fi show and once he got the ball rolling he asked if I would interested and i read the script and we went from there.

What about the script appealed to you?

Well honestly, it was out of my comfort zone. I never did anything scifi like that so I wanted to do something new. I do a lot of action stuff, cop shopping, stuff like that. I was always doing stakeouts and stuff and I wanted to give this a shot.

How was the transition from drama to scifi?

For me, when the other actors are talented as they are, I can be comfortable and then it's no problem. When you work with people that you aren't comfortable with it can get a little hairy! (laughter). I wanted to I wanted to add things to the character to break up the action and seriousness and insert some lighthearted comedy. I think adding that to the character allows me to mix it up a bit. Its not slap stick but it humanizes the characters allowing the audience to find him to be easier to relate to.

I like that. that's sounds awesome. I'm always up for humor be it light, dry, or slapstick.

Yeah, I like to do that. Our characters have a lot of powers so when you add a little witty sarcasm I feel the audience receives it a bit more.

That makes sense, so what have been your challenges on the project?

I guess just trying to get talk to the cameras without dialogue. My character has mental powers and I have to look into the camera and get the audience to see what I'm thinking.

I would imagine that to be difficult.

It 's not easy, that's for sure. You know what I watched ? Tom Hanks. He makes a lot facial expressions that tell the audience what the character is thinking without saying anything at all.

I agree. He is awesome.

Yes, he's really great.

Do you think SOG (Sons of God) is for sci-fi lovers or for everyone?

I don't like to say everything is for everyone, but I will say that I think the draw is for sci-fi lovers but it can be interesting to those who aren't into sci-fi. It's zombie like at times,takes place in New York and I think that's hot right now. It can appeal to all sorts of people.

Like I am Legend? do you see parallels there?

I'm not sure. I think its more like a Walking Dead kind of thing but taking place in New York. Leo (Leonardo Sanderson) wants people to get acquainted with the characters so that they see them progress throughout the series. There are background stories within the main story. There is a love story there that is hinted at but not exposed.

Ah Finally! Someone admits it! Your cast members were NOT budging when I asked them about that.

(Laughter) Well I cant you tell you everything, you have to watch!You will be shocked to see who hooks up. The hints are super subtle.

Overall, has this project has been a great experience?

It's been so much fun. I have great luck with casting. I have great odds and its not different here. A good cast definitely matters. It's fun to come to work and you see the chemistry translate on screen.

Who is your character?

I play Dante. He can control peoples thoughts. Its a mind control ability. when I wear certain armor it amplifies my power.

I need that for my dating life.

Oh man, you aren't kidding!

Is Dante human?

He's human but has a little supernatural in him as well. He's half and half.

Does he have a weakness?

He's not a fighter. He fights with his mind. Rizo wants to cut everyone up. Dante doesn't want to get off the couch, he doesn't want to get his hands dirty he wants to control things with his mind. He is the laziest of them all.

If I could control life with my mind I would be too!

Absolutely! Work smarter, not harder.

Speaking of working hard, how do you find time to work on so many projects at once?

I don't sleep that much.

Do you do anything other than acting?

I also got involved in writing and I co wrote a script called 13. It's about the American Revolutionary War. I had to do two years of research and found fact stories that we weren't taught in HS like the truth of Paul Reveres ride. we want the audience to see things that they didn't know and incorporate fictional characters into parts of history that are factual, but generally unknown.

How do you find time for a social life?

Your significant other has to be understanding. When you meet someone and tell them you are an actor, they think its cool but then when your schedule comes into play, they go crazy. But if you find someone that is willing to go out at crazy hours with you after a long shoot, you're good to go!

Basically, find someone in NY?

That's right! It's a city that never sleeps.

Where can people find you?

I'm so private. I don't really publicize myself at all. I don't have a fan page but for friends or people that want to check out anything I'm in or working on, you can find me on Facebook page or IMDB.

Thanks for the taking time to speak to me.

You're a great interviewer. This was fun!


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