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We all know that there are some people out there that love celebrities so much, they're happy to sidle up to the point of obsession and then leap over it as a whale would when breaking out of water like a blubbered rocket.

So imagine when celebrity auctions come around, and the best and the brightest of us are corralling their goods to be sold to the highest and most eccentric bidder. Imagine how weird the goods could get when people know there's a demand?

Well that's what I'm bringing to you now reader, a small collection of a few of the weirdest celeb things to be sold at auction.

And some of this shit is pretty weird:

1. John Lennon's Tooth

With a little help from my dentist
With a little help from my dentist

Who wouldn't want to own a Beatle's molar, huh? That must've been the thought running through the mind of the lucky so and so who picked up the legendary singer/songwriter's gnasher for a measly $31,200.

Apparently the tooth was given to Lennon's housekeeper Dorothy "Dot" Jarlett to discard, but she decided to keep it as a gift for her daughter who was a massive Beatles fan. Fair enough, man.

2. Elvis Presley's Sullied Underwear

Found on the floor of the Heartbreak Hotel
Found on the floor of the Heartbreak Hotel

Unwashed since 1977, this pair of Elvis's undies was worn beneath one of his iconic, sequined jumpsuits during a performance back in his heyday. Sold for $10,000, would you dare scratch and sniff to get at the essence of that bygone time?

3. Brangelina's Breath in a Jar

Brangelenie in a bottle
Brangelenie in a bottle

This made me howl. So, it's said that on one of their many red carpet appearances, one super fan of the super couple didn't bring a marker pen and an autograph, or something equally as sane, for the pair to sign. Nope, they brought a jar, with the express purpose of catching the superstars' breath.

I'm guessing/hoping the person was successful in their quest, because some unnamed soul bought the jar for an underwhelming bargain of $530!

4. Scarlet Johansson's Snotty Tissue

Good news, this one was for charity! But still. Back when Jay Leno was one of the titans of late-night TV, Scarlet Johansson was promoting her latest movie The Spirit (remember that?).

The future First Lady of the MCU's Avengers was handed a tissue by the host after she said she had caught a cold. So then she blows her nose, leaves the snot and some lipstick, then proceeds to seal the bag and sign it! Then sold the contents on eBay, with the proceeds going to her favorite charity, USA Harvest.

5. Marilyn Monroe's Chest X-Ray

Marilyn Monroe was a very attractive woman indeed, and I can imagine a lot of people would have done anything to have a glimpse at what was going on under her lavish outfits. One quicker route would be to purchase an x-ray of her chest taken in 1954, for a tiny $45,000.

Whatever gets you going, I guess.

6. Britney Spears's Pregnancy Test

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder, right? Back in 2005, a Canadian radio station claimed to have gotten their, possibly gloved, hands on a pregnancy test allegedly watered on by Spears herself.

Found in the waste basket of the hotel room she was sharing with then husband Kevin Federline, the test sold on eBay for $5,001. Though it didn't state whether she had a bun in the oven or not. Gutted for the person who possibly wanted to share the spoils, because Spears announced her pregnancy not too long after the sale!

7. Britney Spears's Chewed Bubblegum

I get it, honestly I do. It's easy to adore a celebrity so vehemently that you'd happily cough up in excess of $14,000 for a wad of their chewed bubblegum. And this exact moment occurred back in 2004, before Spears's very publicized breakdown.

Finding herself in a bit of a sticky situation involving paps harassing her outside of her home, she spat a wad of gum out in frustration, and now one lucky fan owns a bit of chewy history. Wonder what she had for lunch?

8. Justin Bieber's Hair

In another fairly innocuous charitable auction move, back in 2011 Justin Bieber famously got his locks chopped, to much universal shock, tears and bloodshed probably.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the starlet vowed to do "something good" with the loose strands. So he ended up gifting a lock to Ellen, and various other notable celebs, and got them to auction them off with the proceeds going to charity.

Allegedly 98 bids flew in thick and fast, and the winning one shelled out a ridiculous $40,668 for a bunch of hair, with the proceeds going to Gentle Barn Foundation. Could've just signed a special edition CD or something? I dunno.

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