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I love watching cartoons and other animated visual treats, although sometimes when I am lost in this fantasy world it's easy to miss who the voices behind the characters are.

My guess is that you will have probably paired the voices of your favorite cartoons with some of the actors already, but I also hope that you may find some voiceovers here that you may have never guessed before!

How many will you know?

16. Christian Bale – Thomas, Pocahontas

It seems like such an unlikely match, I wonder how far Bale dived into his method acting to get in touch with this character's personality. Check out the fan-made video below.

15. Mel Gibson - John Smith

Keeping in line with the Pocahontas theme, did you know that the Braveheart actor was also John Smith? The actor also voiced Rocky in Chicken Run.

14. Fergie – Sally Brown, Peanuts

I can't believe that the voice behind Charlie Brown's inquisitive sister was Fergie! It was back in 1984 that the child actress, better known as Stacy Ferguson in those days, leant her voice to the character.

13. Gillian Anderson - Moro, Princess Mononoke!

Sadly I couldn't find a video for this one, but I did find this fan-compilation of some of Gillian's voice overs from the movie.

12. Scott Weinger - Aladdin, Aladdin

Did you know that Scott, who played Steve on Full House, also voiced Aladdin? I wonder if he took his cast members on a magic carpet ride...

11. Mark Hamill - Chucky, Robot Chicken/Everyone

"I love voice-over animation because people can't see you. You make these choices that you would never do if you were doing a live-action role."

You may know Hamill as Luke Skywalker, but this actor has voiced classic characters from countless shows. From Scooby Doo, to Tomorrowland, to Adventure Time to Batman Beyond and so much more. For those fans of 1992's Batman: The Animated Series, Hamill was the voice of the notorious Joker. I never would have guessed that the voice of Luke Skywalker would be the same voice as the Chucky Doll, check it out the hilarious clip from the show below.

10. Howie Mandel - Bobby, Bobby's World

In Howie's words:

''I was totally involved in Bobby's World from the time we started the idea to sitting with the artists on how he would look, to the script meetings, the music, the lyrics, the songs.''

The comedian introduced the show and even voiced little Bobby. Let's go down a nostalgic trip along memory lane.

9. Bruce Willis - Bruno, Bruno the Kid

Check out the episode below to hear The Sixth Sense actor lending his voice to Bruno.

8. Tim Curry - Nigel Thornberry, The Wild Thornberrys

Who would have thought that the singing, suspender-wearing Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Show was also the voice of Nigel Thornberry? Even in cartoon form Tim is hilariously eccentric. Remember the time his character felt like a sloth in The Wild Thornberrys? No? Well, let me remind you!

7. Jerry Orbach – Lumière, Beauty and the Beast

This actor has starred in everything from Law & Order to Dirty Dancing. I was really surprised to see that he was our favorite talking candle from Beauty and the Beast too!

6. Constance Shulman- Patti Mayonaise, Doug

It's crazy to think that I grew up watching Doug and now one of my favorite shows is Orange Is the New Black featuring the real life voice of Patti. The actress's voice is totally recognizable in the cartoon, see what you think!

5. Chris Kirkpatrick – Chip Skylark, The Fairly OddParents

Did you know that the founding member of *NSync also voiced Chip? He even busted out some pretty catchy tunes on the show too, look at him go!

4. Mila Kunis - Meg Griffin, Family Guy

Okay, so maybe everyone probably knows this voiceover already, but I still think it deserves a place on the list.

3. Brittany Murphy - Luanne Platter, King of the Hill

Before Brittany Murphy's tragic death in 1999 the talented Clueless actress was featured in 226 of 259 episodes of King of the Hill. Where she voiced Hank and Peggy Hill's niece.

2. Jaleel White - Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog

It's pretty hilarious to think that the voice of Steven Urkel also belongs to the fiery little Sonic the Hedgehog too. Thinking of Sonic again is really bringing back those waves of '90s nostalgia.

1. Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – Donnie, The Wild Thornberrys

Flea was absolutely hilarious as the feral child Donnie in The Wild Thornberrys. Let's just take a moment to remember one of his epic outbursts in the show,

There are SO many famous faces out there who have voiced everything from TV animations, to cartoons and films. These were just some of the voice actors that I found most surprising.

If I have missed out a favorite character of yours, drop it in the comments below.


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