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Here's the 2nd in my reviews for all the Mission: Possible films.

Mission: Impossible 2 came out a bit long after the first film. 4 Years later to be exact. They wanted something that would separate it from the first film AND from films like James Bond. So they set out to reinvent Ethan Hunt, and went for straight-up big summer blockbuster action. I remember reading an interview once about Tom Cruise and how he basically sits down with his team, and comes up with every single element he would want on a project; scenes, character moments, action sequence, set pieces, plot element, etc. So basically he'd give the writers all these elements to come up with a story and script. It makes sense to me. In making a film or writing a screenplay, often creators look to other films and scripts; some of their inspirations for what they're doing, and they take all the elements and moments they love, and they recreate these elements in a new way for a new story.

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