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The beauty behind acting is the ability to become someone completely different to who you really are, a completely different person in a sense. One thing that I have always enjoyed watching is an actor's ability to switch sexual preference in order to fit a role and pull it off well. There have been many actors who have actually convinced me that they were actually gay.

I have compiled a list of heterosexual actors who have portrayed homosexuals on screen:

1. Heath Ledger/Jake Gyllenhaal: Brokeback Mountain

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger portrayed a pair of cowboys during a time that homosexuality was very taboo. Both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal gave outstanding performances!

"It was certainly a surreal moment the first time I had to kiss Jake, but once that was done, I quickly realised that it didn't make me want to run out and do it again. And you think, OK, what's the next shot? Those scenes were just a small part of the package." - Heath Ledger

2. Michael Douglas/Matt Damon: Behind The Candelabra

Yes, even the legendary Michael Douglas has switched his sexual orientation on screen. Not only that, his lover was Matt Damon! Both put on outstanding performances. Michael Douglas's performance as Liberace is one of my favorites of all time!

"Once you get that first kiss in, you are comfortable. Matt and I didn't rehearse the love scenes. We said, 'Well--we've read the script, haven't we?' The hardest thing about sex scenes is that everybody is a judge. I don't know the last time you murdered somebody or blew anyone's brains out, but everyone has had sex and probably this morning, which means everyone has an opinion on how it should be done."- Michael Douglas

3. Daniel Craig: Infamous

Known today as James Bond, Daniel Craig has even portrayed a killer with a very complex relationship on screen. Being convicted of mass murder, Craig's character Perry Smith develops an intimate relationship with a best-selling author Truman Capote. Craig really showed his range as an actor and he did great!

"There was never any self-consciousness about it. I always think that's how a love story needs to play out anyway, because it's just this friendship that starts growing, and if it turns into sex, it turns into sex; but it's not like two young men meet in a bar, go out back and f**k. This is about two human beings really sitting down and trying to figure each other out." - Daniel Craig

4. Tim Curry: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tim Curry is easily one of the most legendary actors of all time. His role as Frank N. Furter is possibly his most well known and he was fantastic. While he wasn't homosexual per say, he portrayed a very flirty transvestite and was awesome!

"I was hesitant in that if it worked, it might be a difficult image to shake off, but really I’ve always thought it would not be worth doing unless you took a risk, really. I don’t care much (for the public reaction)." - Tim Curry

5. Sean Penn: Milk

Sean Penn's performance as Harvey Milk was truly inspiring. Many women have a bit of a crush on Sean Penn and were very surprised to see him in a role as a gay rights activist. It is one of my favorite roles that he has ever been in and it is a very underrated one at that. Him and James Franco actually had an intimate moment on screen, of which Franco doesn't have fond memories...

“It was uncomfortable. Especially like the first time we did it. We didn't do it many times but the first kiss of the film he had on — he grew a beard but he needed a slightly thicker beard so he had some hairs intertwined in his real hairs and so we kissed and those kept getting in my mouth, and it was just kind of uncomfortable, and not that fun.” - James Franco

6. Jim Carrey: I Love You, Phillip Morris

A movie that really caught me by surprise was I Love You, Phillip Morris. Jim Carrey plays a compulsive liar who was imprisoned for fraud. While in prison, Carrey develops an intimate relationship with a fellow inmate. Not only was it a great performance, but it is also one of Carrey's best ever!

"What I’m doing for the gay community is loving and tolerating. Accepting everyone on equal terms." And on getting to snog McGregor? "A dream come true. I mean look at the guy." - Jim Carrey

7. Paul Rudd: The Object of My Affection

Ant-Man's Paul Rudd also had his moment of homosexuality on screen. A very interesting film, The Object of My Affection, took viewers by storm and brought tears to many eyes. Paul Rudd plays a gay man whose roommate Jennifer Aniston falls in love with him. Rudd has always been a favorite of mine and I think that he did an outstanding job.

"The one thing is, I don't think that it's as taboo as it was 20 years ago. I really like the story, and I thought that it was probably such a common story that hasn't really been told in a mainstream American film. No, I never really thought of risks, I never thought,`Well, I don't really want to play this character because he's gay.' You just hope to play interesting parts, and that was an interesting part.” - Paul Rudd

8. Robin Williams: Birdcage

Robin Williams never failed to touch our heart and bring us joy no matter what. Especially when he portrayed a drag nightclub owner named Armand Goldman. Robin Williams can handle any role as he showed here. He was a special talent and he will truly be missed. R.I.P The Legend!

"I grew up around gay people, I remember walking down the streets one day and the Sisters of Indulgence, specifically Sister Mary Boom Boom, looked at me and said, 'There goes the neighborhood.' I thought that was wonderful." - Robin Williams

9. Charlie Hunnam: Queer as Folk

Charlie Hunnam had a homosexual role when he was first starting out in the industry - he had an onscreen fling with Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen (Little Finger). That was pretty insane and Hunnam portrayed it very well. It's odd, two of my favorite characters from two of my favorite shows had a thing. Charlie Hunnam seemed very comfortable in the role, he made that clear when explaining why he left Fifty Shades of Grey.

"The outside perception of that was that I got really cold feet and got scared of the explicit nature of the sexuality of the piece. When I was 18 I was getting f*cked in the ass, completely naked on national TV, y'know?" - Charlie Hunnam

10. Tom Hanks: Philadelphia

Tom Hanks gave an outstanding and legendary performance in Philadelphia. Playing an Aids stricken patient, Hanks gave a very realistic portrayal of a gay man who is struggling with the HIV/Aids disease and it led to an Oscar award. It was truly inspiring to watch and the things that he has done for the LGBT community are amazing.

“In the first transfusion scene I happened to be seated next to a guy who was really way down the line, and we were chatting about his family – he had lesions on his face and he weighed almost nothing – and I asked how he was living and what it was like and where he worked, and he worked at a noodle company, in a factory and he made noodles, and he said ‘they’re the most wonderful group of people, you can’t imagine. I go into work every day, even when I was on my oxygen.’ - Tom Hanks

There have been so many great Actors in LGBT roles!

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of straight actors who played a gay characters on screen! Some of those performances have gone down as some of the best of all time. It is cool to see actors expanding their range, especially back when being gay was extremely taboo. I applaud these actors for what they have done for the LGBT community. Love is love!


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