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If you know me then you know I'm a fan of all things strange. That being said it is my absolute pleasure to give you my Day 2 movie recommendation, one cult film you absolutely NEED in your life! If you already know which film I'm talking about from the cover image, you're my new best friend. If not, this is definitely one for your to-watch list.

Bebe's Kids (1992)

"We don't die, we multiply!"
"We don't die, we multiply!"

To be perfectly honest I've been waiting to write about this film for ages. I can't tell you how many times I've seen it, I lost count somewhere around 15 (straight face stare). Bebe's Kids was directed by Bruce W. Smith and released via Paramount Pictures in 1992. The film itself is based on a HBO stand-up comedy sketch performed by the late Robin Harris. Which, if you haven't seen is absolutely hilarious.


Taking direct influence from Harris' famous sketch, Bebe's Kids tells the story of, well, just some badass kids. In his attempt to impress the lovely Jamika, Robin (voiced by Faizon Love) offers to take her and her charming son Wayne to an amusement park called 'Fun World'. Seems pretty harmless, right? WRONG. When Robin arrives to pick them up he finds Jamika with three more children who she's watching for her friend, Bebe. Let's just say the other kids are not as well behaved as Jamika's son, and that's where the trouble starts...

"Oh sh*t."
"Oh sh*t."

"Why On EARTH Should I Watch This Film?"

The comedic value of this film can simply not be denied. Despite the childish animation this is NOT a film for kids. The movie did not get wide acclaim (at all) and didn't make any huge splashes at the box office (AT ALL). Despite all of that that Bebe's Kids has developed a true cult following over the years; my cousins and I literally grew up on this film. The raw, uncut slapstick humour and scheming wit of all the characters are the reasons why Bebe's Kids is one of my favorite animated films of all time, right up there with The Emperors New Groove and Who Framed Rodger Rabbit. As I mentioned before the film was inspired by a segment from Robin Harris's famous HBO stand-up sketch. And, if you're familiar with Mr. Harris then you know that he was incredibly edgy, raunchy, and sometimes just downright disrespectful.

Oh yeah, they go there..
Oh yeah, they go there..
aaaand there.
aaaand there.

In the film the main character, Robin, is based on the likeness of the late comedian whose famous skit inspired the script for Bebe's Kids. Harris was supposed to take part in the film himself but sadly passed away in 1990, two years before the films release.

Robin Harris: 1953-1990
Robin Harris: 1953-1990

Robin's character is voiced by Faizon Love, who even went so far as to mimmic Harris's voice, mannerisms and overall persona. Needless to say he absolutely nailed it and truly brought the late comedian back to life, if only for 72 minutes. Robin Harris was and will always will be one of my favorite comedians and in my opinion he truly left his legacy with this film. I'm so glad my mom let me watch this film as a kid. In fact, we STILL have it on VHS and it is one of our most prized possessions, literally.


Have you seen this film? If not, WILL YOU?

To keep this train moving I nominate CJ A Glover, EJ Moreno, Akari Kekse, Lex Luther, Joby Bongco, Alex Miramontes and Charlotte Kotterman. If you want to join the conversation, publish your post with the [#5 Day Recommendation Challenge](tag:3555492) tag and nominate any Creators whose recommendations you'd like to see. In case you need them again, here are the categories.

5 Day Recommendation Challenge:

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Can't wait to see your guys' recommendations, thanks for checking mine out!


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