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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"Where is she!?" Oliver yelled again as he came a step closer to Adam. Adam smiled. "Ooh. Mr. Queen is testy." he teased. Oliver froze. How did he..? "Ooh. I know your name. How do I know that? Well, wouldn't you like to know?" Oliver glared as he pulled his bow tighter. Adam kept smiling as he rubbed his temple. Oliver frowned as He saw Roy out of the corner of his eye lowering his bow. "Arsenal? What are you doing?" Oliver asked, using the nickname they started using for Roy all those years ago.

Roy's eyes were glowing black as he aimed his arrow at Oliver's body. Oliver lowered his bow slightly from Adam as he looked into Roy's now black eyes. "Roy..." Oliver started. "Don't do this." Roy pulled the arrow back and aimed it at Olivers heart. "Adam. Stop this." Oliver growled. "Um... How about no." Adam said as he pushed his temple harder. Roy let the arrow fly.


Felicity was alseep when she felt it. A small kick. She smiled as she rubbed her belly with her finger. She began humming a lullaby her mother had sang to her when she was a child. She didn't notice the guard that was standing outside the door until his hand grabbed her from her spot on the floor. He dragged her down the hall and into another room. Slade was waiting for her.

"So, Mrs. Queen. How are you and your little bundle doing today?" he asked. Felicity shivered as she protectavly covered her baby bump. "Fine, thank you." she said. "Good." his voice growled. "Because we have a little message to send to dear Daddy Queen." with that, the guard shoved her into a chair and she had her hands cuffed behind her. She saw a camera in front of her that had a red recording light on it.

"Say hello to Oliver." Slade teased as the guard slapped her across her face.


Pain surged through Oliver as the Arrow periced his shoulder. He cried out as he clutched his wound. Roy's eyes still glowed black as Adam spoke, "So, Mr. Queen. How does it feel to be at the mercy of someone? Getting you shot wasn't part of his plan, but hey, a guy has to have revenge doesn't he? Anyway, you can have your pet back now, and I'll be on my merry way. Oh! But before I go, you'll need this." Adam pulled a black tablet out of his pocket and placed it on the floor. "There's something he wants you to see..." Adam smiled as he backed away into the darkness. "Toodles!"

As soon as he was gone, Roys eyes changed back to there normal color and he rushed over to help Oliver. "I'm so sorry." Roy said over and over again as he helped Oliver up. "Roy, it's okay. It wasn't your fault." Oliver reassured him. He picked up the tablet as Roy helped him back to the motercycles.


When they got back to the lair, Diggle quickly patched up Oliver's wound as they sat in silence, broken only by the slight grunts Oliver made as Diggle stitched up the wound. Suddenly, the tablet flashed on. They all quickly gathered around it as the screen was filled with an image of Felicity strapped to a chair. She looked as though she was being tortured.

Oliver's fits clenched as he vowed revenge on who ever was harming her. "Diggle, can you trace the signal back to somewhere? I need a location." Diggle nodded and quickly opened his laptop and began typing away.


Adam entered Slades bunker with his usual swagger and quickly made his way to the room where Slade was torturing Felcitiy. He stood next to Slade behind the camera and whispered to him. "It is done." "Good." Slade responded, just as quiet. "He doesn't suspect?" "Not a thing." Adam replied. "Good." Slade said again. "Oliver can't know of my involvement until to proper moment. Is Moira in place?" "Yes. She wasn't to keen on the plan, but she's ready." Adam said. Slade nodded and motioned to his henchman to stop beating up Felicity and turn off the camera.

After he did so, Slade turned to Adam. "You may proced with phase 2." Adam nodded. "But stick to the plan. No more 'revenge' shootings." Slade warned. Adam nodded. "I understand." "Good." Slade growled. "We wouldn't want your pretty daughter getting hurt worse than she already is now would we?" Adam froze. How did he learn about that? "Yes. I know. Did you think you could hide it from me?" Adam didn't respond. "I do extensive background check on everyone I employ. You are no different, Adam Smoak."


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