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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Adam watched through the bars of the cell as his daughter cried. His heart ached for her, but he needed to stay away. It was best. But first, he knelt down next to the door and left something. He turned and began to walk down the hall.

He was walking down the hall when he bumped into Slade. "Adam." Slades voice growled. "Slade." Adam said with a polite nod in his direction. He knew he was going to be stopped, but he tried to test his luck. "Not so fast, Adam." Slade said. Adam sighed internally, as he stopped and turned back.

"We need to do more tests." Slade said as Adam fell into step next to him. He shuddered internally as they entered a lab. "I need to know the extent of your abilities." Slade continued as Adam sat down on a chair. Two men in lab coats strapped him in as the chair lowered back.

A metal contraption came down from the ceiling as hooked itself onto Adams head. He was given a strap of leather to hold between his teeth, then the shocks started. He screamed as the metal machine sent volts of electricity throughout his body.


Oliver, Roy, and Diggle were still in the Arrow cave when Oliver's phone rang. He pulled It out, and checked the caller ID. It was his mom. He sighed as he answered it. "What?" he growled. He heard his mother tsk through the phone. "Oliver. Is that anyway to talk to your mother?" "Speack quickly before I hang up on you." Oliver growled. He saw Roy raise his eyebrows and mouth 'wow' to Diggle.

"Oliver, I'm just trying to be civil here. Extending an olive branch if you will." his mothers smooth voice said through the phone. Oliver sighed as she continued. "Can I talk you into dinner?" she asked. "Moria," Oliver started, using her first name instead of mom, "I want nothing to do with you." he hung up the phone.


Moria sighed as She placed the phone down on the table. She rubbed her temple with her fingers as she took a drink of her water.


Adam was shoved out of the chair and onto the floor. He was breathing heavy as he spit blood into the ground. Slade was watching from the corner of the room as Adam tryed to catch his breath. Adam felt a jolt of power as he clenched his fists and began to stand up. Slade watched intently as Adam stood to his feet.

"How do you feel?" Slade asked. "Bad." Adam quipped as he groaned and sat back on the chair. The two scientists came back next to him and jabbed a needle into his arm. Adam gasped in pleasure as the needle emptyed it's contents into his blood stream.

"How about now?" Slade asked. Adam sighed. "Much better." he clenched and unclenched his hands as he felt a New surge of power. He reached out with his abitltys and touched the minds of the scientists. There eyes turned black and they were under his control.

Slade smiled as he slowly clapped. Adam let the scientists go.


Felicity felt better after her crying. She uncurled herself from her ball, and sat up. She rubbed her fingers over her baby bump. Daddy will come for us... She thought. Talking to her baby as much as herself.

She leaned her head back onto the wall when she saw it. A key. She quickly grabbed it. She stared at it for a few seconds before standing up and walking to the door of the cell. She looked around. Searching the darkness for some sort if trap.

She slipped her hand through the bars and fit the key into the lock and twisted. The lock clicked open. She swung the door open and quickly ran out the door and down the hall. Careful not to make a sound.


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