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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Felicity walked down the hall as fast as she could, trying not to make a sound. She had no idea where she was going, but she kept walking. Through twists and turns she ran. As she was walking down a hall, she saw out of the corner of her eye a computer. "Oh thank Chocolate." she whispered as she quickly grabbed the laptop.

She pulled it open and was online in seconds. Her fingers flew across the keyboard as she tried to crack the firewalls. As she was doing that, she logged into her email and started to type an email to Oliver. 'Oliver, I'm in some underground facility. Slade is here. I don't know how he got here but he's here. I'm okay for now, but if you could get Diggle to trace this back to my location and Arrow your way in here, that would be great. Love, your girl, Felicity.'

She hit send, and returned to her hacking.


Oliver phone buzzed. He pulled it out, fully expecting it to be his mother calling again, but froze when he saw what it was. An email from Felicity. He opened the email and his eyes quickly scanned the text. His eyes watered as he called out for Diggle. "Diggle!" Diggle came over and Olive handed him the phone. Diggles eyes widened and he immediately started to type on his laptop.

"I got her!" Diggle called. "She's in a high rise in downtown Starling." Diggle continued as Oliver grabbed his bow. Roy did the same, and soon they were off.

Not minutes later, they were there. Oliver and Roy slid down zip lines and crashed into the windows of the building. No guards were around as they snuck down the hallway. Oliver's eyes scanned the room as he looked frantically for Felicity.


Felicity was still typing away, trying to hack the computer when she heard what she assumed was a guard coming down the hall. Her eyes widened as she shut the laptop and quickly ran the other way. She heard the guard slow down as she hid behind a desk.

She tried to slow her breathing as the guards footsteps came closer. "I know you're in here Felicity." the gruff voice of Slade said. Felicitys eyes widened. "You didn't think I'd just let you go did you? That that key was randomly placed there? That a laptop would be just laying around for you to find? Oliver is falling into my trap as we speak."

Felicity choked back a sob. No. That couldn't be true. "Oh, it's true." Slade said echoing her thoughts. Felicity shut her eyes, trying to keep the tears from falling. I'm so sorry Oliver...


Oliver and Roy didn't even see them coming. Out of know where, guards filled the room catching them both off guard. They were captured in minutes. They both had there hands tied behind there backs when Adam strolled in. Smiling. "Ah. Mr. Queen, Mr. Harper. So glad to see you again." Adam motioned to a guard who stepped forward and shoved a needle into Roy's neck. "Roy!" Oliver yelled as Roy's eyes rolled back into his head.

"What did you do to him!?" Oliver asked. "Oh, nothing you need to worry about Ollie." Adam said. The guards pulled Roy and Oliver outside and they were both shoved into separate vans. Oliver was stripped of his weapons and still had his hands tied behind his back. He only hoped Diggle would stay away and not foolishly rush in to save them,


Slade grabbed Felicity by the arm as she yelped. He dragged her down the hall and into a small room. He left, and locked the door behind him as he did so. She sank to the ground, holding her stomach as she cried.


Oliver was pulled out of the van, blindfolded, and shoved down a few hallways. His blindfold was lifted and he was face to face with Slade. "Slade." he said, glaring. "Kid." Slade said, smiling. "Where's Felicity?" Oliver asked. "Oh, Mrs. Queen is as well as can be expected. You can see her now if you wish." Slade said. Oliver's eyes widened. He could see her? This had to be a trick...

"It's no trick Kid. I'm not completely cruel. She will be released. I will not keep her here. Not when she has no use to me." Slade said. Oliver's eyes widened. Slade motioned to the guards, and they led him down a hall to a door which Slade opened to reveal Felicity.

Oliver heart leapt into his throat at the sight of her. She looked up, and there eyes locked. "Oliver!?" she whispered. Oliver ran forward as soon as his handcuffs were taken off and pulled her into his arms. "Licity." He breathed her name as his mouth found hers. Tears were flowing from there eyes as the embraced.

He pulled away a few seconds later and looked her over with his eyes. "Are you okay? Are you both okay?" he asked as his hands rested on her baby bump. She nodded, "Yeah. We're okay." His heart broke as He held her in his arms and kissed her once again.

"You're gonna be okay Felicity. You're both gonna be okay." he said when he pulled away. She nodded. "Time to go Kid." Slade said from the doorway. Oliver kissed Felicity once more before he stood up. She gripped his hand and he squeezed it back. "I love you Oliver." She said. "I love you too."


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