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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Oliver was pulled away from her as Felicity sat in the room. She was afraid. She locked onto his eyes as he left and was comforted by the small smile he sent her.

A few minutes later, a guard came in and led her out of the room to Slade. "What did you do with Oliver?" Felicity asked. "Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about." Slade said. "Now, we're releasing you. And I know your first instinct is to try and find Diggle, maybe call your speedy ex boy friend, and break back in here. But I want you to know, that the second I hear you try anything, Oliver is a dead man."

"You're just gonna kill him anyway you monster." Felicity spat. "Oh No Mrs. Queen. I'm not going to kill him. I'm going to use him." Slade said. "Then if your gonna use him, you can't kill him if I try anything." Felicity said. Slade blinked, and Felicity knew she had gotten him. "Hmm. You're smarter than I give you credit for Mrs. Queen." he said.


Roy woke up with the mother of all headaches. His head was pounding as he sat up and looked around. He was in a cell, it was dark, and he was cold. He stood up, clutching his head. He felt his neck and pulled his hand in front of him to see a speck of blood. Great. He thought.

Two men came not long after that and stood guard outside the cell. "Where am I?" he asked. They didn't answer. He didn't think they would, but it didn't hurt to try. He stood up and walked over to the door of the cell. "Hey! I'm talking to you two idiots." They still ignored him. He sighed and sat back down.


Oliver was chained to the wall. They clearly weren't taking any chances with him. He had struggled a little as they placed him in the chains, but now was still. He was worried for Felicity. He wasnt sure if Slade would let her go. But he hoped he would.

Oliver was deep in thought when Adam entered the cell. Adam sat in front of him and stared. Oliver stared back. "Do you remember when you left me for dead?" Adam asked. Oliver was taken aback. He didnt ever remember meeting Adam until the other day. "Clearly not." Adam said as he frowned.

"Well you did. And i hated you for it." He continued. "Im sorry." Oliver said. Adam scoffed. "Sure. You say that now. But where were you when i needed you?"


Felicity was sure she was gonna get it now. She had out smarted Slade for a brief second, and she assumed it was gonna be taken out on her. But it wasnt. Slade laughed. Not an evil laugh, but an actual laugh. Felicity knew her mouth was hanging open, but she didnt bother closing it.

Slade laughed for a minute before becoming serious again. "Like i said. You're smarter than i gave you credit for." he motioned to the two guards and they each grabbed her arms. "Take her back to her cell with the boy. Keep a close watch on the both of then."

Felicity felt tears well up in her eyes as the guardss dragged her down the hall and back toward her old cell.


Oliver was silent as he continued to stare at Adam. Adam stared right back, before he stood up and without a word walked out of the cell and disappeared down the hall. Oliver closed his eyes and tried to remember the smell of Felicitys hair and the feel of her lips against his.

He tried not to think to much about what they could do to her. He needed her to be safe. He needed their baby to be safe. He couldnt bare it. He let a tear slip out of his eye as he stared down at the ground.


Roys eyes widened as he saw Felicity being dragged down the hall toward his cell. "Felicity!?" he asked. "Roy!?" she asked back, her eyes wide as the guards opened the door and shoved her in. They collided in a hug as the guards shut the door behind them.

They broke the hug a moment later as they scanned each other looking for injurious. Finding none, they both looked back up and asked at the same time, "Are you okay?" They both chuckled a little despite themselves as the hugged again.

This time, there hug was ended by Roy crying out in pain as he fell to the ground clutching his head. He cried out as the headache he felt from earlier became a hammer pounding in his skull. He felt Felicitys cold hands on his shoulders as he screamed. He heard her frantically calling for him. Asking what was wrong. But he couldnt answer.


Oliver was alone for what felt like hours before Slade walked into the cell with 5 other guards, Adam, and a scientist. The scientist had a syringe in his hand, and Olivers eyes widened as he realized what they were going to do. "No." he pleaded. "You can't. Slade, please." he begged.

Slade just stood quietly as the scientist inserted the syringe full of Mirakuru into Olivers neck. Oliver felt his eyes roll back into his head as he began to thrash. His last thoughts were of Felicity as the world became red, then black.


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