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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Diggle had given it 2 hours of silence before he had called Barry. Barry had arrived withen seconds and was currently helping Diggle search through the security footage from everywhere in Starling looking for any sign of Oliver and Roy.

So far, they had nothing. Not anything. Diggle, at this point, was freaking. Barry though, was surprisingly calm. At least on the outside. On the inside though, he was freaking just as much as Diggle. But he forced himself to stay calm.


Adam was watching silently as Oliver thrashed. He watched as he stopped thrashing and was confirmed dead. And he watched as his eyes snapped open seconds later. He watched as Oliver stared forward, unblinking and silent. And finally, he watched as Slade grinned.


The first thing Oliver saw when he woke up was Felicity. But then it wasn't. Then it was Laurel. She had a crazed look in her eyes and was dripping with blood. "Laurel?" he asked. "Ollie!?" her voice was pitched higher and desperate as she reached for him. "Oh Ollie. I knew you loved me." She flirted with a pouty lip. Oliver felt sick.

Laurel changed into Diggle. He had a hole through his chest. "You killed me." he accused Oliver. "This is all your fault" Oliver shook his head. "No... Diggle... I..." Suddenly, Diggle was his mother. She tsked disapprovingly as she said, "Oh Oliver. You are such a disappointment." Oliver felt tears drip down his face as his mother changed into Thea.

She had a green arrow in her heart. "Ollie?" She asked as she cried. "Why? You let us down." Thea changed into Malcolm. "You were always such a weakling." Malcolm changed into Olivers father. "You have failed the city. You failed me." Oliver father changed into Tommy. "You got me killed Oliver. You let me die. And i hated you for it. You were a monster. And you deserve to die for it."

Tommy turned into Roy. "I would have died for you. But you never trusted me. I was always just a little child to you." Roy changed into Felicity. "I never loved you." She spat. "And i never will. You are nothing." Oliver closed his eyes. No. This wasn't real. Right?

He opened his eyes again, and was face to face with himself. "Oh Oliver. So disappointing. So worthless. Such a failure. Do you want to make it up? Fix your mistakes?" Olivers vision became cloudy again.


Roy was still clutching his head as the headache slowly stopped. "Roy? Are you okay" Felicity asked. "I.... I think so..." He said as he sat up. "What was that?" She asked. "I think, they hit me with something when they got us. I've had this stupid headache since then." Felicity frowned. "Are you sure you're okay?" honestly, he wasnt. But he didn't want to worry her anymore than she already was. "Yeah. Im fine."


"I got something!" Barry yelled as He jumped up and came over to Diggle, showing him the tablet in his hand. He clicked it on and showed Diggle the security footage he had been looking at. "Look. Right there." he pointed to the bottom left half of the screen. Diggle leaned forward to see better. "If that's not Oliver I don't know who is." Barry said proudly. Diggle grinned as Oliver's green hood briefly showed in the camera footage. "Good job Barry." Diggle praised.


"Oliver?" Slade asked as he walked closer to the still, still Oliver. Olivers blank eyes turned to face him. He had a sick grin on his face. "Yes?" he said. "How do you feel, kid?" Slade asked. "Better than i ever have." Oliver said. "Good." Slade said, with a grin.

Oliver looked around him before sucking in a big breath of air. "Yum. I wish i had tried this years ago. The buzz is fantastic." Slade grinnined as he shared a look with Adam. "So, you gonna let me up? Or do i have to fight my way out?" Oliver asked. "Oh we'll let you up. But you have to prove yourself first." Slade said. He motioned to two of the guards who nodded and left the room, only to return minutes later with a bound and gagged Moira Queen.

"Slade! We had a deal!" she yelled as she was shoved down at her sons feet. "Deals are made to be broken." Slade said. "Oliver honey." she said. Turning to her son. "Whats going on?" "kill her." Slade commanded. Moiras eyes widened. "What!? No!" she begged. Oliver grinned. "My pleasure."


Barry and Diggle had quickly tracked the security footage to the abandoned underground facility they were sure Oliver and everyone else was in. After a few minutes of arguing about how the fastest way of getting there was, Barry picked Diggle up bridal style and ran.

Withen seconds, they were at the place. Barry put Diggle down as he ran ahead. He took out a few guards quickly before they even knew he was there. Diggle ran in, gun at the ready, behind him. Barry ran down a hall taking down guards as he went. Unknowingly tripping an alarm.


Slade heard the alarm go off and cursed under his breath. Great. Not part of the plan. "Everyone out, now." he said. The guards nodded as they dragged Moria out of the room. "Get the girl and the subject into a van." He said to the other guards. They nodded as they left. Slade undid the restraints on Oliver, letting him up. "It seems like your old friends are here." He said.

Oliver grinned. "Can i kill them?" Slade grinned. "Yes. They're all yours."


Felicity wasn't sure if she believed Roy, but he was better now, and thats all that mattered. She stood up and rubbed her belly. "How's that?" Roy asked, gesturing at her stomach. Felicity smiled. "Its good. It kicked the other day..." Roy was about to say something, before Felicity saw something behind him down the hall.

"Barry!?" She asked. "Felicity!" he called as he raced down the hall and opened the door. Felicity met him in a tight hug before pulling away and seeing Diggle run down the hall. "Diggle!" She called, grinning. He reached her and pulled her into a hug too. "What? Dont i get a hug?" Roy joked.

"Okay, i can get us out one at a time." Barry said. "Felicity first." Diggle and Roy both said. Before Felicity could protest, Barry had her in his arms, and she was outside. "Be right back." He said, before he was gone. Thank goodness my shirt didnt burn off this time... Felicity joked with herself.


Im glad her shirt didn't burn off this time... Barry thought as he ran back inside. He stopped next to Diggle and Roy and was about to ask who wanted out next when he saw Oliver. But something was wrong. Barry could tell. "Oliver?" Diggle and Roy both turned and stared at Oliver aswell. Barry could tell they could tell something was wrong with him too.

Suddenly, Oliver charged. Barry ran out of the way, but Diggle and Roy weren't so lucky. Barry quickly jumped on Olivers back and tried to pull him away only to have Oliver lift him in the air and slam him against the wall. Barry groaned as he sat up. He saw Roy next to him as Oliver grabbed Diggle.

Making a choice, Barry grabbed Roy and ran him out to Felicity. "We have to go." he said. "But Diggle!" Felicity protested after she got over the shock of how beat up they looked. "We have to go now!" Barry said more forcefully as he heard a loud crash and more guards poured out of the building. Felicity nodded wide eyed as Barry grabbed both Felicity and Roy and ran.


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