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The fact that this feud has gone on so long between Fox and Marvel (Disney) has been extremely disappointing. The character creations and storyline to fantastic four says it all in the name. IT'S FANTASTIC, Cleary though fox is not able to revive this series, and continues to to take a set of amazing characters and cash in on them while ruining what they stand for. Wether they except it or not these characters should belong to Disney. On the other hand though Disney needs to grow up with times and start putting a little more punch into there movies. I can already guarantee that Disney will ruin the civil war series by making it family freindly, when in fact the civil war turned out to be devastating for the marvel universe. Fox it's time to give it up, cash in on this next X-men movie, show Disney what a real marvel movie should look like with deadpool, and hand it back over to Marvel studios. Fact is the Disney corporation can do so much more with these characters. Bring them to life so our future can enjoy them like we did growing up. By the way hands down Nightcrawler is my favorite superhero of all time. DO NOT %÷!# HIM UP IN APOCALYPSE LIKE YOU DID IN X-MEN 2


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