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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

Barry ran like he never ran before. It was seconds later that they were at the lair. He put an unconscious Roy on the table as he helped steady a crying Felicity.

"What happened?" She asked. What did happen? "Oliver was... Something was wrong with him. He attacked us. But he was stronger than usual. I had to chose. I'm so sorry Felicity. But getting you and Roy out was first priority." He hung his hand.

"Hey, its okay." Felicity said as she pulled him into a hug he quickly returned.


Oliver grinned as he jumped on Diggle. He balled his fist up and was about to punch when suddenly he couldn't. He couldn't move. He stared at Diggle as he stared, confused, back at him. Suddenly Oliver was backing away from him. He didn't want to back away. He wanted to go forward. But for some reason, He couldn't.

Suddenly, he saw the reason. Adam ran up to Diggle with his fingers pressed to his temple. Well, that explained why Oliver couldn't move. Adam must be using his powers on him. Oliver growled internally as he stood there, Helpless, as Adam helped Diggle up and walked down the hall.


What was he doing? Adam had his finger pressed to His temple to stop Oliver as He led Diggle down the hall. What was he doing? He led Diggle outside and to a van that he knew would be empty. Everyone else had already left with Slade to whatever new hideout he had planned. Everyone except a few guards who were to take Oliver to said hide out.

What was he doing? He helped Diggle into the passenger seat of the van as he got into the drivers seat and started the car. He floored the gas pedal as he let go of his hold on Oliver and drove off.


Roy bolted upright, breathing heavily as he looked at the lair. Felicity grabbed his arm and Barry stood next to her as he caught his breath. "Wh-what happened?" he asked. "After Oliver threw you into a wall, i brought you and Felicity back here." Barry said. "What about Diggle?" Roy asked. Barry looked down, so Felicity answered for him. "He couldn't get him. Last he saw, Oliver was standing over him." her voice cracked at the end as she tried not to cry.

Roy ran his hands down his face as he groaned. "Great."


"What.... What are you doing?" Diggle asked Adam as he sat up slowly in the seat. Adam sighed. "Saving your life. Dont ask why. Im still trying to figure that one out myself." Diggle eyed Adam suspiciously as he drove. "Where are we going?" Diggle asked. "Your lair." Adam said. "I'm taking you back to your friends."


Felicity helped Roy get up and was in the process of stitching up his wounds. "Ow!" Roy exclaimed as she pressed a wet cloth to the cut across his arm. "Sorry." Felicity mumbled. She felt Barry watching her as she finished. "There." She said, as Roy stood up.

"Thanks." He said. Felicity only nodded in return. Her mind wasn't in it. She couldn't stop thinking about Oliver. She was sitting down in her chair when she felt it. Oh great. She thought as she ran to the bathroom. Reaching the toilet just in time, she promptly emptied whatever was left in her stomach.

She heard Roy and Barry follow her as she heaved. Suddenly, she felt a hand start to rub circles in her back. She looked up to see Barry rubbing her back, and Roy holding her hair out of her face. She smiled at both of them. "Thanks."

"No problem." They both said. She sat up slowly as she flushed the toilet. Roy grabbed a hairtie from who knew where and pulled her hair back into a pony tail. Barry sat next to her as she leaned her head into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry." She said as she felt a few tears slip out of her eyes. "Don't apologize. Its okay Licity." Barry soothed.


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