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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

After the 'puking incident', Felicity, Roy, and Barry all went back to the computers to try and form some sort of plan. "We have to go back." Felicity said. "Felicity, im sorry, but there is no way they're still there." Barry said. Felicity sighed. She knew that was true, but it didnt mean they shouldnt try. "Roy. Come on, back me up here. This is Diggle we're talking about. We have to do something!" "im sorry." Roy began. "We can't. Barry's right on this one." Felicity sat down in her chair by the computers with a huff. "Fine. Anyone else have a plan?"

Suddenly, the door to the lair opened. Felicity stood up as Roy stood in front of her, protecting her, and Barry stood in front of both of them. Felicity strained her neck to look around them as a surprising duo walked in. "Diggle!?" she yelled as she saw Adam, the man she had thought was a bad guy, helping Diggle into the room.

"It okay guys." Diggle said as Barey and Roy glared at Adam. "He's okay... For now." Diggle said. Adam helped Diggle to a chiar and Felicity was in his arms in seconds, hugging him. "I thought i'd never see you again!" she said as he hugged her back. "Can't get rid of me that easy." he joked.


Oliver angrily slammed his fist down on a table. He wasnt yet used to his new strength, so his hand smashed right through it. Slade raised his eyebrow as if amused as Oliver continued to rant. "I can't believe that idiot betrayed you. I had that stupid idiot Diggle in my hands. He was dead. But your supposed ally turned on you!"

"Stop telling me things i already know." Slade growled. "Lets just focus on moving forward. I believe we had some unfinished business with your mother?" as he said. At that, a crying Moira Queen was dragged into the room. "Ah. Yes." Oliver said with a grin.

"Oliver! Sweetheart. Please don't do this!" she begged. "Nice try." Oliver said as he stepped forward toward her. Moira looked into his eyes as she spoke more calmly. "Oliver. I know what he did to you. I know this isn't really you. I forgive you Oliver. And i am so sorry. I'm sorry for everything i said about Felicity. I was wrong. And... Im sorry for everything else." Oliver faltered a step at the mention of Felicity, but nonetheless, reached Moira. "I love you baby. I forgive you. This isnt you and i know you will blame yourself later. But it wasn't your fault. I love-" He words were cut short as Oliver reached forward and snapped her kneck.

Her limp head fell forward as Slade smiled. Oliver felt a single tear slip out of his eye, but was smiling.


After they had gotten Diggle sorted out and made sure he was okay, Felicity decided it was high time for a shower. Roy and Barry were watching Adam, so Felicity decided no better time like the present. She showered quickly, loving the feeling of warm water running down her body.

When she got out she changed into some comfortable black yoga pants and one of Olivers grey t-shirts. She threw on a jacket and put a little bit of light make-up on as she came back to her computer station. She sat down at her desk and looked up at Roy and Barry who were both sitting next to Diggle and looking at Adam who was sitting by Olivers empty arrow costume case.

"So..." she began. "Any idea what to do yet?" she asked. "I know where they went." Adam spoke up. Felicity looked over at him, suddenly stricken by how alike there eyes looked. "How can we trust you?" Roy asked. Adam sighed. "You can't. I know. But i am not lying. If i wanted to betray you all i would have done it a long time ago." Felicity shifted in her seat as she felt Adams eyes glued to her. Why did he keep staring at her?


Adam couldn't take his eyes off of Felicity. His baby girl. He hadn't seen her, at least this close, since she was still only a baby.

"Da Da!" Adam smiled wide as he walked into his and Donnas home. He knelt down to pick up Felicity from where she sat at his feet. "Princess!" He said tickling her tummy. "Stop it Da Da!" She yelled, laughing. He did as he kissed her check. "How was work baby?" Donna asked as she walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. "It was work." Adam said with a groan. Donna smiled. "Well. I've got dinner ready. Lets go eat, yeah?" Adam nodded as he carried Felicity to the dining room and sat her down in her high chair. "My big girl." He said as he smiled at her and sat down in his chair. "I am big!" Felicity said. Her eyes brightening. "I'm a whole three years! Dats old right Da Da?" she asked. "Thats right princess." Adam said with a smile.

Adam shook his head and the memory faded away. He realized he was still staring at Felicity, and quickly looked away. "I know what they did to Oliver." He said. He had all four pairs of eyes on him now. "We gave him the mirakuru. But we added something to. A drug that amplifies the evil inside of you. And also a small dose of a drug that makes you more susceptible to influence."

"That sounds like something out of a cheesy book." Roy said. Adam nodded. "I know. But that's what it was. Oliver is super powerful, AND his morals are all gone. He's the ultimate killing machine."

"Okay. That's really bad." Barry said.


After Oliver had killed his mother, Slade had decided he was trustworthy. He told Oliver to get some rest, and sent him to a room with a cot. Thats where Oliver was currently. He wasnt sleeping though. Just sitting there looking at the hands that had killed his mother. He felt no remorse but... Something inside of him was crying. That was the only way he could explain the tears streaming down his face.

Olivers hands shook as he stared at them replaying his mothers words in his head. What was he doing?


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