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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"Alright. Where'd they go?" Felicity asked Adam as he finished telling them what they did to Oliver. She was more determined then ever to save her husband. She rubbed her almost 4 month baby bump as Adam spoke. "Slade has a hideout under the water mains. The enterance is by the old glades hospital."

Felicity turned to her computers and started typing. "He's right. There's an entrance to an underground facility by the old hospital." She said, turning to Roy and Barry. "Plan?" she asked. "Well first things first, can we cure Oliver?" Roy asked. Adam nodded. "Yes. But I'll need supplies and 3 hours." "You have 2." Roy said. "What do you need? I can get it in a flash." Barry said. "Really man? Puns?" Diggle asked Barry as he rolled his eyes. " Shut up." Barry said.

Felicity laughed slightly as she turned back toward the computers as Adam told Barry what he needed, and Barry got it. Hold on Oliver. She thought as she looked at the screen and rubbed her belly. Please be okay.


Oliver was summoned by Slade a few hours later. He hadn't slept at all. When he walked into the conference room, he saw Slade standing by the wall of computer screens. Oliver walked up next to him and waited for him to speak.

"Do you know how long i've waited for this moment Oliver?" he asked. Oliver stayed silent, knowing it was a rhetorical question. "Years." Slade continued. "And i will not be brought down by anything. Or anyone. You understand?" he said, turning to Oliver. Oliver swallowed hard, realizing he was being threatened. "Yes." he said with a nod. "Good." Slade said simply.


Adam was working hard on the cure for Oliver when Barry's phone started buzzing. He pulled it out to see Caitlyns number. He smiled slightly as he walked away from the group and answered the call. "Hey." he said. "Barry! Thank goodness!" she said. He heard panic in her normally calm voice.

"Whats going on?" he asked. "It's Cisco." Caitlyn said. "He got hit by a car." Barry felt the color drain from his face. "He... What? Is he okay?" "we don't know yet." she said. "He's in the hospital now." "okay. It'll be okay." Barry said trying to reassure himself as much as her.

"I'm afraid Barry." she said. "It's okay Caitlyn. Cisco's a fighter. He'll pull through." Barry said. "Listen. I have to go. Keep me updated?" he asked as he saw Felicity coming toward him. "Okay." Caitlyn said. "Stay safe, Barry." "i will." he promised her as he hung up.

"Is everything okay?" Felicity asked as she reached him. "No." Barry said as he told everyone what happened. "I'm so sorry." Felicity said as she hugged him. He hugged back before he heard Adam clear his throat. "Done." he proclaimed. "You only have one shot to administer it." he said as he held up a syringe of brown colored liquid.

Roy nodded as he took the syringe from Adam. "Now. Do we have a plan yet?" he asked. "I do." Felicity spoke up. Everyone turned to look at her as she blushed slightly. She never did like the spotlight. "Barry, Roy, Diggle, and i suppose Adam too, and i go to the lair, beat Slade, and cure Oliver." "not you." Diggle said. "What!? i'm going." she insisted. "Felicity, Oliver would kill me if i let anything happen to you, or your baby." he said. Felicity sighed, and Barry knew she was realizing that Diggle had a point.

"Fine. I'll operate remotely from the lair." She said. "Someone has to stay with you." Diggle said. "I'm not leaving you alone again to be taken, or worse." Felicity opened her mouth to protest before being silenced by Adam. "I'll stay." he said. "No offense man, but i don't trust you that nuch yet." Diggle said, going full on protective dad on Adam. "Alright, fine." Adam said as he put his hands up in a surrender pose. "But someone has too. And we need everyone we can get to go to Slades." he said.

Felicity was about to open her mouth to protest again before a voice came from the stairs. "I'll stay." They all three turned to see Ray Palmer, clothed in his A.T.O.M suit, standing there. "Ray?" Felicity asked as she felt her mouth drop open. Ray had left Starling years ago to find his own city to patrol. Oliver hadn't exactly been supportive of his little superhero adventures.

"Hello Felicity." he said with his trademark cheesy smile.


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