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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"Okay. Make a left down the next hall." Felicity instructed the team as she watched there signals on her computer. Ray looked over her shoulder as she directed Adam, Roy, and Diggle, down the hall. "Look out!" she yelled suddenly. "20 guards heading your way!" She heard the sound of guns and grunting through the earpiece as she waited on the edge of her seat for any word.

"Its him! It's Oliver!" Barry yelled. Felicity felt her heart beat faster as she heard them cry out.


A few hours ago

"Ray." Felicity said again as she stared at him. "I'm getting the sense i'm not welcome..." Ray said as his smile turned into a grimice. "No. Not at all! I mean, you are. I..." Felicity said quickly, flustered. "I mean I, we, need you. I'm just... Surprised to see you is all." Ray grinned again. "Yeah. I heard on the news that Olivers wife had been missing, and i did some digging." he explained.

"Well. It sounds like we have a plan." Diggle said. Roy and Barry nodded, and Adam bit his lip as he nodded aswell. "Okay. I'll guide you in, but you'll be somewhat in the dark once you enter the tunnels. Im not sure what all i can get from the original plans. Hopefully I can even find them..." Felicity said as she turned to her computers.

Adam leaned forward and looked to Felicity. "Felicity." he started. She turned to look at him. "Can i talk to you? Privately?" he asked. Felicity felt her mouth drop open as she looked into his eyes. Once again struck by how similar they were. "Um... Sure." she said as she stood up. She felt everyones eyes on her back as she walked with Adam out of earshot of the others, but still in view of them.

Adam awkwardly cleared his throat as he looked at the floor. "I'm not sure how to start this..." he said. Felicity was getting a little worried now as she crossed her arms. "Felicity," he said, looking up at her. "I'm your father." he said. Felicity felt her mouth drop. "No. You can't be. My father died." she insisted. "Is that what your mother told you?" he asked. She nodded, speechless.

"No. He didn't. Because i'm him. Felicity I'm your father." he said again. "No. Stop saying that." Felicity insisted. "Felicity...." he said as he reached out to grab her arms. "No." she said forcefully as she pulled away forcing back tears as she walked back to the rest of the team.


"Da da!" Felicity shrieked as she ran into her fathers arms, crying. "What's wrong princess?" he asked as he knelt down and pulled her into his arms. "I bumped my knee." she said through sniffles. "Aww. Baby, it's okay." he soothed. Felicity sniffed again as she pressed her face jnto his shoulder. "You know why it's okay?" he asked. Felicity shook her head as she wiped her nose and looked up at him. "Because the nice old wizard is going to give the princess a magic kiss." he said as he tickled her tummy. She giggled as he sat her up on a chair. He went into her room for a second before coming back out with a wizard hat. "I heard the princess was hurt?" he asked, making his voice sound lower and fuzzy. Felicity giggled as she nodded. "Well, that can't be." he said as he walked over to her and knelt next to her. "This magical kiss will protect you from harm." he said as he lifted her knee to his lips and kissed it. She giggled as he did so. "I love you Da da." she said as she threw her arms around his neck. "And i love you, princess." he said with a smile.


Felicity came back to the group and sat back down at her computers. Diggle shot Adam a glare as he came back as well. Clearly whatever he had said to her, made her upset. "Okay. Do you have a plan for once Oliver attacks you?" Felicity asked as she typed on her keyboards. "I mean, he's better at fighting then all of you without the Mirakuru in him. No offense." she said.

"I can hold him." Adam said. "If you three can get me in, i can stop him from attacking you long enough to inject him with the syrum." Diggle, Roy, and Barry nodded. "Okay. Sounds like a plan" Diggle said. Felicity nodded. "Okay. Get suited up. Lets do this thing."



Adam pressed his temple as soon as he saw Oliver. He was running out of energy, and Oliver was getting stronger. Adam pushed himself harder as Oliver strode forward toward Diggle and Roy, murder in his eyes. Adam saw Barry start to move next to him As Adam pushed a final time and finally got in. He stopped Oliver dead in his tracks.

As per the plan, Barry raced up behind him and jabbed the needle toward his neck. But instead of piercing Olivers skin, the needle shattered. Adam lost control of Oliver as he realized his mistake. Olivers skin was now hard. A side affect of the Mirakuru. Oliver smiled an evil smile as he turned and grabbed Barry by the throat. They had failed.


"It didn't work!" Felicity felt her heart drop as she heard Roy's voice over the comm. "The needle didn't peirce his skin." he said before Felicity heard the sounds of s struggle and the line went dead. Felicity turned to Ray. "Take me there." Ray started to protest before Felicity silenced him by saying, "They're dying. I think i can save them. Take me to them." she insisted. Ray swallowed hard before nodding. "Okay." he took her outside and got on his motorcycle. She sat behind him with her arms wrapped around his waist.

They were at the tunnels withen minutes and Felicity raced down it toward the sound of struggling, Ray following close behind. She spotted Oliver standing over Barry with his foot on his throat. Roy and Diggle were both passed out by the wall. "Oliver!" Felicity yelled. Olivers eyes looked up from Barry to meet her gaze. "Felicity?" he asked as he started to walk toward her. Ray moved around to the side of him as he approached.

Olivers eyes never left hers as he walked toward her. Felicity swallowed hard as he reached her. He simply stared at her as if he had never seen her before. Then he reached out and grabbed her thraot with his hands. Felicity struggled to breath as he lifted her off the ground. Ray attached from the side but Oliver just swatted him away as if he was a bug.

Felicity gasped for air. "Oliver... Please...." she pleaded.


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